Fund drives/2005/Q4 planning/Translations

The fourth quarter 2005 Wikimedia fundraising drive was held from Friday 16 December to Friday 6 January.

Personal Appeal


Please help translate the personal appeal from Jimbo Wales

? = status unknown
needs review = translated, but the translator would like it to be checked by somebody else
ready = translation updated and ready for upload
live = updated translation is where it needs to be
refresh = meta version needs to replace version on the foundation wiki
Urgent request: title
en (status=live) Personal Appeal
da (status=ready) Personlig appel
de (status=ready) Persönlicher Aufruf (Persönliche dringende Bitte)
es (status=live) Llamamiento personal
fr (status= live) Appel personnel
he (status=not started) ?? (Personal appeal, hebrew)
it (status=live) Appello personale
nl (status=live) Persoonlijk verzoek
pt (status=live; needs editing) Apelo pessoal
ru (status=live) Персональное обращение
zh (status=?) 個人呼籲

Translated versions can be put on meta, will be uploaded and linked to the Foundation site ASAP.

Other translations


Please help translate the below messages for the Q4 2005 fund drive. The English version is the reference version but you can tailor your translation a bit to better suit your language.

Finished fund drive letters should be uploaded to the Wikimedia Foundation website and linked from wikimedia:Template:Fundraising drive letter. Changing the status below will tell those people who can edit that website that your version is ready.

Finished fund drive notices should be placed on your wiki's MediaWiki:Sitenotice page when the drive starts.

See Translation requests/WMF/Fundraising pages if your language does not have a fundraising page. Examples of fundraising pages: Fundraising and Spenden.

Please note that press releases are also available for translations.

Status Key

? = status unknown
needs review = translated, but the translator would like it to be checked by somebody else
ready = translation updated and ready for upload
live = updated translation is where it needs to be
refresh = meta version needs to replace version on the foundation wiki

See below for more explanation

Fund drive letter
goes on foundation wiki
"Wikimedia needs your help"
used for name of letter on foundation wiki
Fund drive notice
goes on local wiki
Donation page
goes on foundation wiki
ang (status=live) Wicimēdia þearf þīnes helpes ang (status=ready) ang (status=?)
ar (status=live) الويكيميديا بحاجة لمساعدتك ar (status=ready) ar (status=live)
ast (status=live) Wikimedia necesita'l to sofitu ast (status=live) ast (status=temp)
az (status=?) Wikimedia'nın köməyinizə ehtiyacı var az (status=?) az (status=?)
be (status=?) Вікімэдыі патрэбная вашая дапамога be (status=?) (status=?)
bg (status=live) Уикимедия се нуждае от вашата помощ bg (status=ready) bg (status=live)
br (status=live) Wikimedia en deus ezhomm ac'hanout br (status=ready) br (status=?)
ca (status=live) Wikimedia necessita la vostra ajuda ca (status=ready) ca (status=live)
cs (status=live) Wikimedia potřebuje Vaši pomoc cs (status=ready) cs (status=live)
cy (status=live) Mae gan Wicimedia angen eich cymorth cy (status=ready) cy (status=live)

da (status=?) Wikimedia har brug for din hjælp da (status=ready) da (status=?)
de (status=live) Wikimedia braucht Ihre Hilfe de (status=ready) de (status=live)
el (status=?) Το Wikimedia χρειάζεται τη βοήθειά σας el (status=live) el (status=live)
en (status=live) Wikimedia needs your help en (status=ready) en (status=live)

eo (status=live) Wikimedia bezonas vian helpon eo (status=ready) eo (status=needs more transaltion)
es (status=live) Wikimedia necesita su ayuda es (status=ready) es (status=live)
et (status=live) Wikimedia vajab sinu abi et (status=ready) et (status=live)
fi (status=live) Wikimedia tarvitsee apuasi fi (status=live) fi (status=live)
fo (status=?) Wikimedia hevur brúk fyri tíni hjálp fo (status=ready) fo (status=?)
fr (status=live) Wikimédia a besoin de votre aide fr (status=ready) fr (status=live)
fur (status=redirect to it) Wikimedia ha bisogno del tuo aiuto fur (status=ready) it (status=redirect to it)
ga (status=Partially translated) Tar i gcabhair ar Wikimedia ga (status=ready) ga (status=?)
gd (status=?) Tha feum aig Wikimedia air ur cuideachadh gd (status=?) gd (status=?)
gl (status=live) Wikimedia necesita a túa axuda gl (status=ready) gl (status=live)
he (status=live) ויקימדיה זקוקה לעזרתכם he (status=live) he (status=live)
hr (status=live) Wikimedia treba vašu pomoć hr (status=ready) hr (status=live)
hr (status=live) Wikimedia treba vašu pomoć hr (status=ready) hr (status=live)
hu (status=live) A Wikimedia a segítségedet kéri hu (status=ready) hu (status=live)
id (status=live) Wikimedia memerlukan bantuan Anda id (status=ready) id (status=live)
ia (status=?) Wikimedia necessita tu adjuta ia (status=?) ia (status=?)
ie (status=live) Wikimedia necessi vor subten ie (status=ready) ie (status=live)
io (status=none) Wikimedia bezonas vua helpo io (status=none) io (status=none)
is (status=live) Wikimedia þarfnast aðstoðar is (status=ready) is (status=en:)

it (status=live) Wikimedia ha bisogno del tuo aiuto it (status=live) it (status=live)
ja (status=live) ウィキメディアには皆様からのご支援が必要です ja (status=ready) ja (status=live)
ka (status=?) ვიკიმედიას სჭირდება თქვენი დახმარება ka (status=?) ka (status=?)
ko (status=live) 위키미디어는 여러분의 도움이 필요합니다 ko (status=ready) ko (status=live)
ku (status=live) Wîkîmedya hewceyî alîkariya te ye fi (status=live) ku (status=needs review)
la (status=?) Vicimedia adiutorium eget tuum la (status=ready) la (status=?)
lt (status=?) Vikimedijai reikia jūsų pagalbos lt (status=ready) lt (status=?)
ml (status=live) wikimedia:വിക്കിമീഡിയയെ സഹായിക്കുക ml (status=Ready) ml (status=?)
mt (status=live) wikimedia:Wikipedija għandha bżonn l-għajnuna tiegħek mt (status=Ready) mt (status=?)
nap (status=live) Wikimedia ha bisogno del tuo aiuto nap (status=live) nap (status=leads to it)
nl (status=live) Wikimedia heeft uw hulp nodig nl (status=ready) nl (status=live)
nn (status=live) Wikimedia treng di hjelp nn (status=?) nn (status=?)
oc (status=live) Wikimedia a besonh de vòstra ajuda oc (status=?) oc (status=?)
pl (status=live) Wikimedia potrzebuje Twojej pomocy pl (status=?) pl (status=?)
ps (status=live) ويکيپېډيا ستاسو مرستي ته اړتيا لري ps (status=?) ps (status=?)
pt (status=live) A Wikimedia precisa da sua ajuda pt (status=live) pt (status=live)
ro (status=live) Wikimedia are nevoie de ajutorul dumneavoastră ro (status=ready) ro (status=live)
ru (status=live) Викимедиа нуждается в вашей помощи ru (status=live) ru (status=live)
saz (status=?) ویکی پدیانین سیزون یاردیموزا احتیاجی وار saz (status=ready) saz (status=live)
sc (status=?) ? sc (status=?) sc (status=?)
sk (status=live) Wikimedia potrebuje Vašu pomoc sk (status=ready) sk (status=live)
sl (status=?) Wikimedia potrebuje vašo pomoč sl (status=?) sl (status=?)
sh (status=?) Wikimediji je potrebna Vaša pomoć sh (status=?) sh (status=?)
sr (status=live) Викимедији је потребна ваша помоћ sr (status=live) sr (status=live)
su (status=live) Wikimédia butuh pitulung anjeun su (status=ready) su (status=live)
sv (status=live) Wikimedia behöver din hjälp sv (status=ready) sv (status=live)
th (status=live) วิกิมีเดียต้องการความช่วยเหลือของคุณ th (status=ready) th (status=live)
tl (status=?) Ang Wikimedia ay nangagailangan ng iyong tulong tl (status=?) tl (status=?)
tr (status=?) Wikimedia'nın yardımınıza ihtiyacı var tr (status=ready) tr (status=live)

uk (status=?) ? uk (status=?) uk (status=?)
ur (status=live) ویکیپیڈیا کو آپ کی امداد و معاونت کی ضرورت ہے۔ ur (status=?) ur (status=live)
uz (status=?) ? uz (status=?) uz (status=?)
vi (status=live) Wikimedia cần bạn giúp đỡ vi (status=live) vi (status=live)
wa (status=live) Wikimedia a mezåjhe di voste aidance wa (status=ready) wa (status=live)
vec (status=live) Wikimedia la ga bisogno de na man vec (status=live) vec (status=live)
zh (status=live) 维基媒体需要您的帮助 zh (status=live) zh (status=live)



xx is the language code. See List of Wikipedias for your language's code and replace xx with that

Fund drive letter
"Wikimedia needs your help"
  • The title that the fund drive letter will be under. It needs to be translated into the corresponding language.
Fund drive notice
  • What will be displayed at the top of each page on each wiki during the fund drive
  • Page title: '/Fund drive notice-xx'
  • Reference version: /Fund drive notice-en
Donation page