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Ombudskommissionen undersöker klagomål, å förtroendevalda s vägnar, om brott mot sekretesspolicyn, policyn om tillgång till icke offentlig information, IP-kontrollantspolicyn och censurpolicyn. De undersöker även om lokala policyer och riktlinjer om IP-kontrollanter eller censorer följer dem globala policyerna om IP-kontrollanter och censorer.


In addition to official investigation, they will mediate between the complainant and the respondent (usually a CheckUser , oversighter, Byråkrat , Administratör , or arbitration committee member). When legally necessary, the ombuds will assist the General Counsel, the Executive Director or the board in handling the case.

When the case is litigious, the ombuds will be in charge of educating CheckUsers or others about the Foundation's privacy policy. When the Privacy Policy, Access to Nonpublic Information Policy, CheckUser Policy, or Oversight policy have been breached, the ombuds commission should report to the Executive Director or designated staff and recommend a course of action (such as removal of access to tools). Additionally, the commission might suggest suitable changes to policies or software.


An ombuds' investigation should be conducted in a manner determined by the ombuds to ensure fairness and impartiality. As a general guideline, it is best that ombuds avoid conflicts of interest as much as possible, particularly by avoiding routine use of CheckUser or oversight access and not processing complaints on the projects on which they are very active editors. However, matters that come before the commission are not clear-cut, and the language and culture of various projects may pose barriers to outsiders. As such, how the commission investigates complaints is left to the discretion of its appointed members.


Members of the ombuds commission are selected from the Wikimedia community by Wikimedia Foundation officials. A call for volunteers is issued each year in early October on the Wikimedia-L mailing list and on the talk page of this policy, as well as other project forums as appropriate. They are appointed (assuming they agree) for a period of approximately two years (one year, prior to the 2023–25 Commission). One or more non-voting alternate member(s) may also be appointed. A Steward-Observer may be appointed to serve alongside the Ombudspeople.

Tilldelade rättigheter

Ombud har följande rättigheter globalt, bland annat:

  • Sök efter raderade sidor (browsearchive)
  • Kontrollera användares IP-adresser och annan information (checkuser)
  • Visa loggen för användarkontroller (checkuser-log)
  • Se raderad historik utan tillhörande sidtext (deletedhistory)
  • Visa raderad text och ändringar mellan raderade versioner (deletedtext)
  • Se privata loggar (suppressionlog)
  • Se sidversioner som dolts från alla användare (viewsuppressed)

Nuvarande medlemmar

User Home wiki(s) Language spoken IRC nick
AGK (CA) enwiki en, sco-3, es-2, gd-1
Ameisenigel (CA) dewiki, wikidatawiki de, en-4, nds-2, fr-1, tlh-1 Ameisenigel
Bennylin (CA) idwiki, jvwiki id, en-5, jv-4, zh-3 bennylin
Daniuu (CA) nlwiki nl, en-4, de-2, fr-2, la-2, vls-2, li-1 Daniuu
Emufarmers (CA) enwiki en, la-2 Emufarmers
Faendalimas (CA) wikispecies en, pt-3, it-2, fr-1 faendalimas
JJMC89 (CA) enwiki en JJMC89
MdsShakil (CA) bnwiki, bnwikibooks bn, en-3, as-1 MdsShakil
Minorax (CA) commonswiki, metawiki, simplewiktionary, wikidatawiki en-5, zh-5, nan-2, fr-1, ko-1, ms-1, yue-1 Minorax
Renvoy (CA) ukwiki uk, ru-4, en-3, pl-3, lt-1
Vermont (CA) ‡ enwiki, metawiki, simplewiki en, ru-2, es-1 Vermont

† Advisory member; ‡ Steward-Observer

Läs även den automatiskt genererade listan (villkoren går ut den februari 2024).

För tidigare medlemskap, läs detta.


Klagomål kan skickas till ombudskommissionen på följande sätt (gärna på ett språk som talas av en eller flera medlemmar):

Both ways will send message directly to OC mailing list.

Please follow these guidelines when submitting an inquiry to the commission:

  1. Be concise: Lengthy emails with unnecessary information make it harder for the commission to process the case in a timely manner.
  2. Be objective: Avoid making inquiries based on speculations or subjective judgements.
  3. Provide evidence: Please provide us with diff links and/or permanent links when possible.
  4. Be specific: Specify what part of which policy has been violated.
  5. Please inform us if your wiki has an Arbitration Committee (or a similar committee) and if you have reached them (or used other dispute resolution procedure customary to your community) before reaching the ombuds commission. Provide a link to the relevant case page if appropriate.


Fall som får vår uppmärksamhet kommer behandlas på följande vis:

  1. Confirmation of the request: We will send a notice of confirmation to the requester, and if necessary ask for further information.
  2. Scope: If the request is within the scope of the ombuds commission, we will do the investigation, if not we will decline the request and try to direct the complainant to a better place to get help for their individual problem.
  3. Investigation: We do whatever is necessary to find out whether or not there was a breach of the policies or a non-compliance or conflict of local policies with the global ones.
  4. Result: We give the result of our investigation to the requester, and if there was indeed a breach of the privacy policy, we will inform the user who was investigated and if necessary inform the Board of Trustees and if necessary recommend removing OS, CU or steward rights from the user breaking the policy.



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