Within Wikimedia projects, a bureaucrat is a user who has the technical ability to:

  • Promote other users to administrator or bureaucrat;
  • Grant and revoke a user's bot flag;
  • Add and remove users from the interface-admin group;
  • Add and remove users from custom local groups created by local consensus like account creator, deleter, etc;
  • Remove a user's administrator and/or bureaucrat flags on some projects listed below.

Stewards fulfill these roles on wikis without bureaucrats using the requests for permissions page. A small community generally doesn't require a local bureaucrat, because stewards can easily handle the low traffic of requests from that wiki with little delay; generally a user with this access is not needed until several local administrators are present. Other positions may be subject to global policies like the Checkuser policy and the Oversight policy, which define minimum community requirements. The default configuration of the MediaWiki software permits bureaucrats with access to Special:UserRights to add and remove users from all user groups. On Wikimedia projects only stewards have full access to Special:UserRights, while bureaucrats can add/remove only a subset of rights.

Promoting users and botsEdit

See also: a tutorial

If you are a bureaucrat, to give or remove another user administrator, bureaucrat or bot access (or any other access), go to Special:UserRights on the wiki where you are a bureaucrat. There is a link to this on the list of special pages.

You will see the following form:


Type the user's name into the box, and enter a reason for the change. Choose the rights you wish to assign/remove to the user by ticking/unticking the relevant boxes. Note that if the user group has an asterisk (*) next to it, you will not be able to remove it yourself. When you are done, press the Save user groups button.

The user will gain their access immediately and the action will be recorded at the User rights log.

If you make a mistake and need to remove an access level which you cannot remove, contact a steward.

Renaming usersEdit

See also: a tutorial

Prior to 15 September 2014, bureaucrats were able to rename local accounts through Special:RenameUser. The renameuser right was removed from bureaucrats' toolset as part of SUL finalization. After this date, only stewards are able to rename local accounts. Renaming of global accounts are now done by global renamers and stewards. See global rename for details.

Removing accessEdit

Below is a list of public wikis where bureaucrats can remove sysop and bureaucrat access. Normally these removals have to be done by the stewards. On all private or fishbowl wikis, bureaucrats are able to remove both administrator and bureaucrat flags.

both administrator and bureaucrat flags
Wiki Bug Fixed on Notes
Meta bug 13509 24.04.2008 Removed per phab:T106291.
ru.wikisource bug 14568 05.07.2008 It looks like this was set inadvertently. Now removed phab:T44105
se chapter wiki bug 14665 05.07.2008 It looks like this was set inadvertently, but the Swedish chapter board wishes to keep this configuration.
no.wikibooks bug 13853 03.06.2009 It looks like this was set inadvertently.Now removed bugzilla:42105
fi.wikipedia No bug 04.03.2009 Originally very likely to have been set inadvertently in March 2009.
bug 42114 04.01.2013 Local consensus reached (see bugs 42114 and 42105, and this summary).
fi chapter wiki bug 25668 27.10.2010
wikimania2014 wiki bug 55480 11.10.2013 Wiki closed, reset to default.
hu.wikipedia bug 72055 16.10.2014
pt.wikipedia bug T107661 11.08.2015 Local consensus
only administrator flag
en.wiktionary No bug Per a community vote and bug 42113, enwiktionary bureaucrats lost the power to remove the bureaucrat right (which was apparently never asked for).
pa-us chapter wiki bug 10611 16.09.2008 Wiki was closed.
uk chapter wiki bug 17388 26.02.2009 Wiki was redirected.
simple.wikipedia bug 20271 24.09.2009
simple.wiktionary bug 22522 22.02.2010
en.wikinews bug 23392 08.05.2010
hi.wiktionary bug 29702 11.07.2011 Removed per task T214765.
en.wikipedia bug 18390 11.08.2011
ru.wikipedia bug 30307 11.08.2011
ba.wikipedia bug 33769 17.01.2012
fr.wikipedia bug 35258 12.04.2012 Community Consensus
en.wikivoyage bug 43851 17.01.2013
fa.wikipedia T140810 20.07.2016 Community consensus
outreach.wiki bug 23118 09.04.2010 Ability to remove bureaucrat flag was removed in phab:T214133.
nyc.wikimedia task T226591 26.06.2019 Wikimedia New York City Chapter wiki.
commons task T261481 06.10.2020 Community consensus