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This page highlights the content outline of the Movement Charter. This content will keep changing until the Movement Charter is ratified, which is expected to take place in 2024.

These drafts are shared on 2 April, 2024.

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This section contain a preliminary narrative of how the charter content is to be developed, from the Movement Charter Drafting Committee as of May 2022.

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Charter Content Narrative

The movement charter has as its preamble a Values Statement, which summarizes and eloquently expresses all that we hold dear in the broadest terms.

Actionable items that drive the actual policies can be drawn from a broad range of potential ideas and are sorted into three categories or buckets: for Governance, Resources and Community. These can also be conceived as the basic mechanisms that play a role in (1) political, (2) economic and (3) social/informational domains, and are a very functional way to divide the roles. All potential ideas and proposals that have a direct impact on policy would be sorted into one of these categories, including proposals from previous phases and also new proposals from the communities.

Each of the categories, or buckets, would be seeded by the MCDC with the best and broadest of ideas drawn from previous phases, as well as the MCDC’s own discussions. There would be room for review, clarification and new proposals from community members on the Meta-Wiki content-category subpage and through other platforms that will be cross-posted.


After its in-person meeting in June 2022, the MCDC agreed on a rough outline or "table of contents" of the Movement Charter. The agreed-upon outline is the following:

Draft visualization of the "Community" area of the Movement Charter's narrative (from the Committee's in-person meeting in June 2022).
Chapter Content description
Preamble Definition of the Charter and its purpose.
Values & Principles Core values and collaboration principles for the whole movement.
Definíciók Definition of key concepts outlined in the Charter.
Global Council Definition of the Global Council as the main future global movement governance body. This section will expand the description of the Global Council's role in the Movement Strategy recommendations. It may also outline the process for setting up the Global Council.
Hubs Definition, purpose, set-up process, governance standards, membership composition, responsibilities, safeguards, and relationship of the Wikimedia Hubs to other movement bodies.
Roles & Responsibilities Definition of roles and responsibilities of movement entities. This likely includes definitions about the roles of entities like the Board of Trustees, the Wikimedia Foundation, the Wikimedia affiliates and communities, among others.
Amendments & Implementation Definition of Charter amendment and implementation processes. This describes how the changes to the Movement Charter are made after it is first ratified. It also describes how the changes envisioned in the Movement Charter to the Wikimedia movement will be implemented and enforced in practice.
Glossary Detailed outline of key content and definitions of the key terms used in each chapter of the Movement Charter.