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Lingua Libre是一個由法國維基媒體協會 開發,致力建造一個多語言、合作性的視聽文集,並以自由許可發放,以供:

  • 在線上、在維基項目和線下以視聽方式,擴展有關語言本身和語言裡面的知識;
  • 支持線上語言群體發展-尤其貧困、地域性、純口述及手語群體-讓社群能獲得線上資訊及保持這些群體的語言活力。
維基媒體法國 提供支持

Lingua Libre

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The lacks of diversity and orality in Wikimedia projects and on the web in general limit the ability of Internet users to communicate and contribute online to various web platforms where they cannot find content and communities sharing their language. Among the regional minority languages that are oral or signed, they threaten in particular the poorly endowed ones, many of which are currently in danger of extinction and for whom inclusion on the web is a major challenge and opportunity. Indeed, of the 7,000 languages in existence today, it is estimated that only 2,500 will survive to the next century and only 250 (less than 5%!) will make their digital ascent, a factor which is yet essential for their vitality. Current initiatives by linguists and activists to document and share data, resources and content online in endangered languages do not directly contribute to the development of a digitally-ascendant linguistic community of Internet users, and thus remain limited in their impact.



Lingua Libre is a tool that allows to record a large number of words in a few hours (up to 1,000 words/hour with a clean word list and an experienced user). It automatizes the classic procedure for recording and adding audio-visual pronunciation files onto Wikimedia projects. Once the recording is done, the platform automatically uploads clean, well cut, well named and apps-friendly audio files, directly to 维基共享资源.

Established partnerships

  • The DGLFLF: (General Delegation for the French language and the languages of France), part of the Ministry of Culture in France
  • Lo Congrès: The permanent congress of the Occitan language
  • The Maison de la Nouvelle-Calédonie à Paris: (House of New Caledonia in Paris), which represents New Caledonia in Metropolitan France
  • The OLCA: Office for the Language and Cultures of Alsace and Moselle
  • Plateforme Atlas: an association aiming to promote and facilitate access to culture, humanities and arts, in any language (contact)


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