The main and only task of Lingua Libre Bot is to add pronunciation files recorded with Lingua Libre on pages from all wikis that wishes it. You can find the complete list of supported wikis below. Your wiki is not there? Leave us a message to fix that (preferably in English). Its Python source code is available on GitHub.

Currently supported wikis edit

Wikis in tests or needing approval edit

Global bot status edit

Status was granted in October 2023.

Account info edit

Lingua Libre Bot, March 2023 (g)
Local wiki First edit Edit count Groups Region of most beneficiaries 12 June 2018 >300,000 bot Europe/France 10 June 2018 >60,000 bot Unclear 30 November 2021 >40,000 bot Western Asia/Turkey,Iran,Iraq 10 January 2023 >30,000 bot Western Asia/India 16 December 2018 >20,000 bot Europe/France 8 September 2021 >1,900 bot Africa

Call for Python developer ! Our code is open source on Github. You know Python ? You can fork some minor script and contribute to minority languages' visibility on more wikis.