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Hugo en résidence
Hugo en résidence
Wikimédian in residence, Toulouse University, URFIST (2023-2024)

About me

I am the University of Toulouse's Wikimedian in Résidence for 2023–24. I am an e-learning professional passionate about non-Western languages. I have masters' degrees in Chinese studies and a bachelor of Multilingual NLP from the Institut national des langues et civilisations orientales, as well as a bachelor of History from Bordeaux University. I lived in Taiwan for five years were I studied a MBA of Technologies, Innovation and Management. I love to read. I've been engaged with Wikipedia since 2004, mostly as a project facilitator, structuring and documenting those, organizing automomous-learning, IIRL events and training of interested parties. I've been quite active on Lingua Libre (d) and its Github code.

My work

Currently Wikimedian in Residence within the URFIST Occitanie located at the University of Toulouse (Q20669873), France, I am now tasked with helping university staff, teachers and students to understand Open Science and Wikipedia.

My particularity is my affinity with Web engineering, e-learning, MOOCs acquired during my professional career in universities. As example, I recently lead an operation on Lingua Libre/SignIt to fix its video recording tool aimed to document world's Sign languages under open licence.


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Scientific and factual information must prevail. We are therefore working on its visibility and accessibility. From February to March 2023 I am looking to meet the Toulouse actors of scientific promotion, teachers, doctoral students, and other knowledge producers. I offer a simple and quick introduction to Wikipedia, its uses and its universe, for yourself or for your classes. I also want to set up collaborations with IT departments to explore and hack (?) together Wikipedia, Wikidata, and other open science tools. You can contact me via the contact information above :)

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