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Per ligams d'interlenga en defòra de Meta, agachatz oc:Ligams d'interlenga.

Las paginas principalas de Meta deurián èsser traduchas dins las lengas principalas de Wikipèdia e dins las lengas principalas del mond (coma l'arabi) que son pas plan representadas dins la comunautat de WP.

Es bon d'aver una sola version qui siá mise a jorn régulièrement; en general, se sètz confronté a una lista de données, essayez de conserver aquesta lista sus una sola pagina (traduisez le reste de la pagina, e incluez un ligam renvoyant a la lista de la primièra pagina). Se vous ne pensez pas conserver o apondre des partidas du contengut original a la pagina traduite, le mieux es de placer un avertissement en haut de la pagina traduite précisant que l'informacion la plus récente es ja intégrée "original pagina".

Next, create each translation as a subpage, named with a lowercase ISO-639 language code (for example, Special:MyLanguage/Wikimedia language code for the French translation). If there is no ISO-639 code, use a language sub tag if available; otherwise, make one up with the language subtag syntax.


Once you have translations, you need to link between them so a reader can easily find his preferred language.

The first step is to create an "other languages" template for that collection of pages (see template instructions). Next, place the template you created at the very top of the page (above everything else).


Keep lists and data in one place

Lists and data that change over time (such as a list of stewards) should ideally be in a template (see help page about templates) using as little surrounding text as possible. This allows translators to place the data in each page without needing to translate it or update it regularly.

Alternatively each translation can link back to the section on the original page (see help page about links)