Fundraising 2012/翻訳/プンゴタイ動画 (字幕)

This page is a translated version of the page Fundraising 2012/Translation/Poongothai video (captions) and the translation is 44% complete.

00:00:01.105,00:00:02.016 私についている学生が大好きです。

00:00:03.874,00:00:08.270 When I worked more than subjects, I loved my students.

00:00:09.288,00:00:11.538 私はバラシュブラマニアン・プンゴタイです。

00:00:11.560,00:00:13.181 インドから参りました。

00:00:13.721,00:00:20.791 33年間数学の教師を務めていましたが、今は退職しています。

00:00:22.230,00:00:27.095 そして、Wikipediaの編集を始めました。

00:00:28.500,00:00:30.641 ほら、私は退職という経験をしました

00:00:31.135,00:00:33.954 ですから、1日の24時間すべてが自分のものになったのです。

00:00:34.400,00:00:39.394 息子達は大人になりましたから、自分たちのことは自分たちでできるようになりました。

00:00:39.841,00:00:47.791 今や、私の残る人生はすべて私のものになりました。 もう、義務を背負う必要もありません。

00:00:47.841,00:00:49.341 そして、私はこの状況を楽しんでいます。

00:00:49.450,00:00:59.780 When I participate in this Wikipedia, what I feel is I'm engaged, as well as... we leave something for our future generation.

00:01:00.150,00:01:07.679 Algebra, Analytical Geometry, Geometry are the topics which I am comfortable with.

00:01:08.800,00:01:10.788 First, I started with Probability.

00:01:11.450,00:01:14.169 The first article I started was Probability.

00:01:15.064,00:01:18.998 Every day I am on Wikipedia, I'm simply at home,

00:01:19.445,00:01:27.217 so I will do all my personal works, and then I will sit with my netbook and I will edit,

00:01:28.450,00:01:33.769 and I will create articles, and I will create articles on Mathematics,

00:01:34.500,00:01:40.310 and then Tamil being my mother tongue, and my favorite language,

00:01:41.000,00:01:47.940 I edit the articles created by the others for spelling mistakes and grammar.

00:01:48.800,00:01:52.060 Everyone is benefited by this whether they are rich or poor.

00:01:52.548,00:01:58.100 Here, by a mere click, the whole world is in front of us.

00:01:59.130,00:02:04.340 This is giving the complete information through Internet.

00:02:05.298,00:02:10.710 We don't have any caste. It is a really a great thing.