Изключване на остарели облици

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To better use our limited resources, as of 24 April 2013, all skins other than Vector legacy (2010), MonoBook, Modern and Cologne Blue are permanently removed from MediaWiki and hence all Wikimedia wikis. If your account is set to use one of the obsolete skins,[1] you will automatically switch over to the default for your wiki – Vector.

Nostalgia облик - еден от облиците, какво ще бъдат премахнати

Колко потребители ще бъдат засегнати?

About 0.53% of active Wikimedia users, and about 0.39% of active users with more than 1,000 edits. It also affects 0.31% of Wikimedia users who are no longer active (no edits or log-ins in the last six months). A full statistical break-down is available.

Какво трябва да направям?

If you used Monobook, Modern, Cologne Blue, or Vector (e.g. if you've never changed this preference), this will not affect you at all, and you don't need to do anything. If you currently use an old skin and you're happy to use the default skin on each wiki (Vector), you don't need to do anything.

Otherwise, you can go to Special:Preferences in your Personal tools at the top of any page, click on the second tab ("Appearance"), and select one of "Vector", "Monobook", "Modern" or "Cologne Blue", then press "Save" at the bottom of the page. If you're not sure which skin you use, you can follow the same advice to find out.

Защо правите това?

Главанта причина за това са новите функции - съобщенията между уикитата, подобряване в патрула на страниците, по-лесно използване на беседите и други подобрявания. Всички те трябва да работят на всички облици. Не можем да въвеждаме и заменяме програми и функции, като не би работели за дял от общността. Това е недопустимо.

Проблемът е в това, че имаме по-голям брой на стари облици, и поддръжката за всичките тях струва разработчиците труд и време (а с това и дарените средства). Какво повече време потребяваме на поддръжка за 9-10 разни облици, то помалку можем да са посветиме на новите възможности или на поддържане на съществуващите. Старите облици също поставят граница на изводимостта на новите идеи - някои много користни функции не работят на облиците от 2001 или 2002 г. На края изправени срещу сме с избора, дали да изработваме ограничени възможности бавно, да отчуждим дял от потребителите, или пък да изклучиме старите облици. Се решихме за третото.

Защо задържавате тези четири облика?

The skins we will currently keep available – Vector, Monobook, Modern and Cologne Blue – were selected because they currently work with the features we provide and/or have active maintainers. Vector is the official skin that we provide and keep up-to-date for all new developments and to fix bugs. The other three (Monobook, Modern and Cologne Blue) are supported primarily by volunteer developers who donate their time to keeping these skins available. We at the Wikimedia Foundation will try to ensure "graceful degradation" for these older three skins, so that newer functionality will work to some extent. Over time, however, if they break we may need to disable those too.

Aren't the old skins better for people on slow connections/computers?

Mostly no. It used to be the case that the ancient skins involved less code and so were better for people with slow computers or poor connections to the Internet. However, since 2011 a technical change means this is no longer true, and the difference is negligible (at most a few kilobytes, or under 5% of a typical page payload).

On the other hand, Vector and Monobook use several background images (unlike, for example, the Classic/Standard skin), which might slightly increase CPU load. Modern and Cologne Blue are free of this issue.

Customized JS/CSS scripts, written to mimic the old skins, will also cause additional download time.

I really like some things about one of the old skins – what can I do?

All MediaWiki skins allow a user to modify them with user-specific customisations using JavaScript and CSS. You can easily modify one of the stock skins (such as Vector or Monobook) to re-create elements of another skin (such as Classic or Nostalgia). This allows you to retain features you particularly like from soon-to-be killed skins.

If you need help, please post clear, actionable, and discrete requests to Tech describing which specific feature from an older skin you would like to see in a newer skin. For example, "I was using the Classic skin and I'd like to use Monobook now. How do I adjust the font to be serif instead of sans-serif?"


  1. Chick, Standard, MySkin, Nostalgia and Simple.