Wiki World Heritage User Group/User Group election 2021-2023/Nominations

Wiki World Heritage User Group election 2021-2023

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Please do not edit this page. The voting process has ended. Thanks to all candidates and to everyone who participated!

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  • Only the supporters of the User Group before 27 December 2020 are eligible to vote.


  • You can vote support for multiple candidates, but only one vote per candidate.
  • Oppose votes are not allowed.
  • You are invited to use the talk page for discussion and questions to candidates.

Good luck to everyone! :)

Benoit Soubeyran (Mazuritz)


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Houcemeddine Turki (Csisc)


Hello, I am Houcemeddine Turki, a medical student and a research scientist in Library and Information Science and Open Science at University of Sfax in Tunisia and a long-term Wikimedian active since 2009. I have been editing Wikipedia until 2019 before I finally shifted my interest to structured wikis such as Wikidata and Wikifunctions. I have also served in several boards such as the ones of Wikimedia TN User Group (2019-present) and Wikimedia and Libraries User Group (2019-present). I have also been involved in WISCom as a community-assigned Member (2018-present) and was a member of the Programme Committee of WikiIndaba Conference in two editions (2018, 2019).

As a Wikimedian, my main interest is to study how we can use and adapt wikis to promote and analyze cultural heritage, particularly immaterial heritage. In 2017, I have been involved in MedinaPedia Sfax project, a joint project of Wikimedia TN and Carthagina to ameliorate the coverage of the old town of Sfax in Wikipedia, Wikidata and Wikimedia Commons. My function was ensuring reference support, quality editing and trainings to ameliorate the efficiency of the project to enrich Wikipedia. This effort has been useful to develop a model for the offline collaboration between user groups, professors emeriti and libraries to provide research and library support to editors of projects related to local heritage. After that, I have been interested in ameliorating the online availability of old books (Wikimedia Commons) and information (Wikipedia) about non-physical patterns of civilizations including languages and science. Pilot applications of this work have been efficient in ameliorating the coverage of Maghrebi Sociolinguistics in Wikipedia with the support of several scientists like Maik Gibson, Lameen Souag and Tariq Daouda and the contributions of many volunteers, particularly Imed Adel and Rafik Zribi. Practical experiments were also useful to create a large repository of public domain books about Arabic languages with the contribution of Zeineb Takouti. If I will be chosen as a board member of this user group, I will continue my path of encouraging the support of immaterial heritage in wikis and enhancing the involvement of libraries and other digital humanities and research institutions in WikiProjects related to Digital Cultural Heritage. --Csisc (talk) 18:43, 7 January 2021 (UTC)[reply]

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Mossab Banat (Avicenno)


Hello, I am a Jordanian physician who graduated from the Hashemite University and I am now working as research assistant at my university. I am active on both Arabic and English Wikipedia as well as the founder and team leader of a Wikipedia education program at my university. I am one of the most prolific medical editors: 8th in 2015, 40th in 2016, 10th in 2017 and 16th in 2018. I was the most prolific Arabic medical editor in all three consecutive years (2014-2015-2016) and the second highest Arabic medical editor in 2017 and 2018. I am also an admin on Arabic Wikipedia, wikibooks, Wiktionary, Wikisource and "Event & Program dashboard".

I have organized many collaborations including cultural topics: examples include Punjabi Arabic Ealaqat, Arabic–Bengali Cultural Exchange Program, Armenian-Jordanian cooperation, Levant-Algeria Cultural Exchange Program, and Arabic- Serbian collaboration, Wikipedia Asian Month 2019 & 2020 along with many other related collaborations.

I founded a Wikipedia student club under the name of digital Arabic content club and served as the chairman since 2017. The club has annual budget of 1000 JD which can support the activities of this usergroup. I am a member at my University council as a representative of graduates and also I used to be member of the student's union and the Committee on Foreign Relations at the student's union. I also serve as an associate editor at the WikiJournal of Medicine as well as board member at Wikimedia Medicine.

I am interest in Wikipedia and education and I work to spread the wiki awareness in this regard. One of my major activities was initiating the MOU between the Wikimedia Foundation and Hashemite University. This includes having presented Wikipedia to King Abdullah II at the university. I have official MOUs with Croun Prince foundation in Jordan and with the Jordanian Academy of Arabic language which are both a strong official bodies that support Digital Arabic content in Jordan. In 2021, I founded the Jordanian Digital Arabic Content Association (JDACA) which will be formally announced soon. JDACA will work as official organization under the Jordanian ministry of culture which can act all over the country and has independent financial entity and has an interal rules that enables it to sign agreements with any official organization in order to exand culture and heritage related content. I believe that I'll be able to recruit the human power of my students and of Jordanian volunteers to enrich content related to our usergroup scope as I have official access to Jordanian National Youth Engagement and Volunteering Program (Nahno) and I have strated monthly voluntary campaigns to translate articles in different topics on Wikipedia. Regards---Avicenno (talk) 23:13, 9 January 2021 (UTC)[reply]

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Rajeeb Dutta (Marajozkee (talk · contribs))


I am Rajeeb Dutta,(Username: Marajozkee), a passionate Wikimedian from India. My family says, I eat, sleep and breathe Wikipedia.
Picture of Rajeeb

In the professional work front, I am a Freelance IT/ITES consultant, with more than overall 20 years of corporate experience in Education/IT/ITES domain, in the capacity of varied roles hovering over in Training, Designing & Branding, HR, Technical Sales working mostly with International clients, having a keen understanding of "bureaucratic" processes, building teams, problem-solving, monitoring & strategic development with an eye on administration, legal aspects and organizational growth.

In terms of volunteer capacity, I have been an active volunteer for more than four years now and worked on different projects and under different capacities as a volunteer. I’m very keen to join the board because I feel I can add value to it and my candidature will able to fulfill what the User Group is looking from a prospective board member.

I have been fortunate to be in touch with affiliates, User Groups, WMF staffs and Wiki(p)medians across the globe and my participation in Local offline & online meet-ups, National Edit-a-thon & International edit-a-thon (won prizes as well), National Workshops, Wiki Walks documenting Heritage sites and cemeteries([1]), ([2]), ([3]), ([4]), and keen on documenting more.

Local conferences and International conference (GLAMTLV2018)had given me an exposure about the movement and those learning and experiences further helped me to understand and perform various tasks related to community building, viz., organizing & conducting online & offline Wiki events, viz., International meet-up (India & Russian Wikimedians at St.Petersburg, 2018), Local meet-up, workshops for new Wikipedians, training Wikipedians, recruitment of volunteers and founding a Wiki Pathshala(Wiki Club), organizing team member of various National and International Wikimedia projects like, (Wiki Loves Monuments 2018 in India, Wiki Women for Women Wellbeing Workshop - Kolkata, SVG Translation Campaign 2019 in India, Wiki Loves Love 2019, Wiki Loves Africa 2019,Interwiki Women Collaboration, WikiGap 2019, Kolkata, India, 1lib1ref Kolkata May 2019, Wiki Loves Cricket World Cup 2019, Queering Wikipedia Conference, Syberthon 2020 and more.

I had have managed in volunteer capacity, various social media accounts, Twitter accounts for Wikimania, Interwiki Women Collaboration, Queering Wikipedia Conference, Facebook accounts for WikiDonne, Wikimedians for Sustainable Development, Wikimedia LGBT other than that I have a founded a Facebook Group Bengal Knowledge Hub where I post updates about the movement. To be in touch with new editors, I am active in various social media platforms like Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Slack.

I am proud co-founder of Wikimedians for Sustainable Development User Group and proud member of various Wikimedia User Groups, Creative Commons Network.

I feel that I have the education, experience, abilities, skills and knowledge to do justice to the role and can be a good choice as far as South Asia region is concerned. I have excellent communication skills in English with Bachelors in English (Major) and having a Master's degrees in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) helps me to understand, create and maintain relationships in the movement. I love challenges and push myself until and unless I come up with flying colors. With various levels of proficiency, I'm a polyglot (English, Bangla, Hindi). I being a freelancer can be flexible on my work time schedule and can devote the required time for the board and User Group. Thanks for your consideration.

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Imelda Brazal (Brazal.dang)


Hello everyone! I am Imelda, a licensed librarian and a Wikimedian from the Philippines. Before working for the government as a School Librarian, I worked as Archives Librarian in universities here in the Philippines. As a part time job, I work as a cultural mapper for one of the local government unit here in our country under the supervision of National Commission for Culture and the Arts.

Currently, I am on contract with the Wikimedia Education Team as a local coordinator for the Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom Project in the Philippines. I am also designated as the EWOC Community Specialist for the ESEAP Region. Here in the Philippines I am affiliated with different literary and arts groups. We perform outreach programs to promote reading as well as culture preservation both through arts and writing. Recently, I am one of the volunteers to categorize the entries of Wiki Loves Folklore 2020.

Being part of this user group is already a privilege for me. As of the moment I have no concrete plans or activities to focus on as a board member but I would like to represent more the ESEAP Region in terms of preservation and documentation of national heritage sites and monuments. I am envisioning a repository of national heritage on a global scale through international collaboration. With this, it will be very much helpful to preserve local cultures even the small ones including my own race.

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