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Mourad Ben Abdallah
Mourad Ben Abdallah
Former board member and president, Wikimedia CH

About me

I'm Mourad Ben Abdallah, a Swiss and Tunisian citizen born and living in Geneva, Switzerland. I obtained a Master of Arts in political science at the University of Geneva. I am a member of organizations such as the Social Democratic Party of Switzerland, Amnesty International, Greenpeace and the Swiss Heritage Society.

About my activities

I contribute since 2005 to the French-speaking Wikipedia, where I was elected as an administrator a year later, to Wikimedia Commons and to Wikidata. My contributions mainly focus on topics related to Tunisia and Switzerland, with a predilection for themes related to politics, history and heritage. I have joined Wikimedia CH and was elected as a board member and president in 2009, serving in these positions until 2012. I also support the development of the Wikimedia TN User Group and was a member of its constituent board in 2020.

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