Wikifunctions (, Wikipedia articles) is a Wikimedia hosted and maintained project launched in 2023 that aims to create a free library of functions that can be used and edited by humans and machines alike. It will provide functions in all the languages of the Wikimedia projects and allow for the central access to functions in a similar vein as Wikimedia Commons does for media files or Wikidata for structured data.

A major goal of Wikifunctions is to provide natural language generation functions, as well as functions to represent abstract content. These are major building blocks for Abstract Wikipedia. Wikifunctions has been developed as the first part of the Abstract Wikipedia project, and by the same team at the Wikimedia Foundation.

The initial development of the project is funded with a generous donation by, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the Wikimedia Endowment.

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Regular updates of the activities around Wikifunctions and Abstract Wikipedia are available at Abstract Wikipedia Updates.