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Given its first and second editions success and noting that there is still a lot to do, the #SheSaid drive will run again in 2022.

Did you know what Graça Machel said?
SheSaid is part of the Wiki Loves Women initiative
Screenshot of the English Wikiquote on 2020-10-06. The list of people contains only three women (Helen Keller, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Emily Brontë).
Souvenirs for active SheSaid participants in Ukraine
This page is about the Wikiquote initiative. It is unrelated to a movie of similar name...

The Wiki Loves Women initiative celebrates women leaders with the SheSaid drive. The drive is aimed at improving the visibility of women in creating new or improving already existing Wikiquote entries related to them.

First launched in October 2020, the #SheSaid campaign on Wikiquote has been an amazing success! Across 7 languages, by the 5th January 2021, it resulted overall in 867 new or improved articles (the majority new). Italian Wikiquote was the clear language winner (405 articles) with Ukraine (187) and French (105) coming not so close behind. This is an amazing result – thank you for getting women’s voices heard.

The second edition was yet again a success with 1500+ Wikiquote entries created (and more improved) in 9 languages! Italian and Tagalog were the most active languages. Congrats to all :)

SheSaid 2022 WAS OPEN : 1st of October till 31st of December 2022

Why the SheSaid campaign?

To balance the representation of gender in the entries of Wikiquote.

To illustrate the situation, here are a few interesting figures:

Obviously, not all women said good quotes that would make a wikiquote entry worth it. Still...

What to do now?

What we plan on doing!

  1. Give a bit of love to Wikiquote in the language of your liking. Check existing Wikiquote women entries and see if they might be improved. Or create new entries for notable women who produced notable quotes. Or add notable quotes from women in various entries. Or fix broken categories about women.
  2. When you improve entries, please add #SheSaid in the comment box so that we can see how much impact we make!
  3. Or list your entry in the language portal page.
  4. Relay the #SheSaid drive to your friends and community!


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