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#WikiForHumanRights 2023: Right to a healthy environment

WikiPorLosDerechosHumanos: Derecho a un ambiente sano

El objetivo de la campaña #WikiPorLosDerechosHumanos es lograr que todas las personas tengan acceso a información neutral, basada en evidencia y actualizada relacionada al derecho a un ambiente sano. El derecho a un ambiente sano es un derecho legal reconocido por la ONU, pero también una manera de conectar los derechos humanos y la triple crisis planetaria que enfrentamos: cambio climático, contaminación, y pérdida de biodiversidad. Como el Programa de las Naciones Unidas para el Medio Ambiente ha señalado: necesitamos hacer la Paz con Naturaleza, y los derechos humanos necesitan estar al centro de las soluciones.

The role of Wikipedia has never mattered more than now. Everyone everywhere needs access to information about how climate change or environmental degradation impacts their lives. We can increase knowledge about the healthy natural systems upon which all people rely for the water they drink, the air they breathe, the food they eat, and the resources they need. With #WikiForHumanRights this year, we are focusing on how local communities are impacted by the most pressing environmental issues in their context including the triple planetary crises identified by the UN of climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution.

Information plays a critical role in our shared ability to not only understand these interconnected crises but also mitigate the causes and adapt for a healthy future for all. Fulfilling the human right to a healthy environment empowers those most affected by environmental harms such as pollution, climate change, and biodiversity loss to defend the environment, participate in decision-making, and access justice and human rights protection. Filling gaps on Wikipedia about these topics, helps the public make the thousands of decisions needed to address these pressing environment crises.


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Temas en foco

El derecho a un ambiente sano

  • La importancia de la justicia ambiental y climática; acciones en la crisis climáticas locales, nacionales e internacionales enfocadas en derechos humanos
  • El bienestar humano frente al daño ambiental causado por la contaminación, con un enfoque en el impacto directo en otros derechos humanos (por ej., contaminación y salud, derecho al agua, etc.)
  • Biodiversidad y los derechos humanos — entender cómo el bienestar humano depende en un ecosistema natural biodiverso

The launch event on April 18 and 2023 writing contests has a special focus on pollution and toxic waste. Regional campaigns this year are each identifying knowledge and issues important to their local context.


  • Global Campaign Activities (Content Drives such as edit-a-thons, translatathons, writing contest, photo walks etc; webinars; workshops and conferences) - April-June 2023
  • Regional office hours - January-February 2023
  • Capacity Building Sessions - February-March 2023
  • Networking Session - February-June 2023
  • International Launch Webinar - 17 April 2023
  • International Writing Contest - 15 April-15 May 2023
  • Youth Programming - February-April 2023
  • Rapid Grant Application - Cycle 7 January-March 2023 with due deadline on 30 January and Cycle 8 March-May 2023 with due deadline on 20 March 2023. Please see further details here.