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Willchuu bim Meta-Wiki, dr globale Gmainschaftssyte fir d Koordination un Dokumentation vu Blanig un Analys fir d Projäkt vu dr Wikimedia Foundation un anderi zueghörigi Projäkt.

Anderi Wiki mit Meta-Bezug wie Wikimedia Outreach sin fir speziälli Projäkt, wu ihre Ursprung uf Meta-Wiki ghaa hän. Diskussione finde au uf dr Wikimedia-Mailinglischte (vor allem uf wikimedia-l un ihre glychwärtige, aber weniger frequentierte Alternative WikimediaAnnounce), IRC-Kanäl uf Libera, ainzelne Wiki vu dr lokale Wikimedia Chapter und andere Ort statt.


Februar 2024

February 20–March 20 : Wikimedia Foundation Annual Plan 2024-25 Collaboration
February 28 : Wikimedia Foundation Affiliates Strategy: Live call #2 at
February 14 : Wikimedia Foundation Affiliates Strategy: Live call #1 at
February 7–March 20 : Wikimedia Foundation Affiliates Strategy: Review period for the proposed requirements for affiliates and trial period for user groups
February 6–February 27 : 2024 Steward elections voting is running until 27 February 2024, 14:00 (UTC)

Jänner 2024

January 31 : Wikimedia Foundation publishes progress on Annual Plan goals
January 19⁠ – February 2 : Voting period to ratify the charter of the Universal Code of Conduct Coordinating Committee (information for voters)
January 15 – January 30 : Candidate submissions for the Wikimedia Steward elections are open! If you are eligible, you can submit a nomination.
January 4 : Community Letter to the LAC region

Community un Kommunikation
Wikimedia Foundation, Meta-Wiki un sy Schweschterprojäkt
D Wikimedia Foundation isch e gmeinnitzige Stiftig, wu d Dienschträchner vu allene Wikimediaprojäkt unterhaltet. Si het alli Rächt an dr Domainnämme, an dr Logo un dr trademarks vu allene Wikimediaprojäkt un vu MediaWiki. Meta-Wiki isch s Koordinationswiki fir di verschidene Wikimedia-Wiki.