Wikimedia principles

The Wikimedia principles emerged from many debates about wiki ideology. Growing Wikimedia was eventually written to summarize some of the principles elaborated as below:

Neutral point of view

Neutral point of view--draft
Proposed revision of the NPOV policy
NPOV as description not prescription
Systemic Bias of Wikipedia
Natural point of view
NPOV is an ideal
Consensus editing
Meatball Wiki take on NPOV and Wikipedia
South Slavic NPOV page
If NPOV is science, how do I deal with cases where the US 'science' is at odds with at least 80% of the world?

Core issues: etiquette, consensus, permission, vandals, ethics, morals

Wikipedia vandalism
Consensus and implications of its definition for all of the core issues
Simple View of Ethics and Morals
Be bold in updating pages
Should talk pages be used for debating?
Should Wikipedia Use Profanity? (Stephen Gilbert and others)
Wikimedia mission statement
Uploads being abused
Standard email texts for asking permission to use texts or images
Don't vote on everything
Does locking a page indicate a lack of trust?

Power structure

Power structure
Status (the different status existing in the power structure)
Stewards (see also steward policies)
Wikipedia and copyright issues
Wikipedia Designated Agent
Copyright - what is fair use in quotation and what violates laws? whose law applies? what problems are we actually trying to solve here?
Avoid Copyright Paranoia!
Do fair use images violate the GFDL?
Copyright bot
American non-acceptance of the rule of the shorter term

English usage

Vocabulary - an educational and an ethical issue
Defining vocabulary - the core glossary, should coordinate with [1]
Use of the present tense, and overuse of the past tense
Wikipedia is not Wiki - a little bit of wiki nomenclature