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Wikipedia and where it should goEdit

Where it actually isEdit

Making Wikipedia profitable (Neeklamy and others)
The Wikipedia Community - and your own ideas of community
The importance of being Wikipedia (help spread the word!)
Interlingual coordination
Transwiki - for moving articles between different languages
Statistics for International Wikipedias

Growing and managing the communityEdit

What might damage it (hazards, things that must be done right)Edit

How to Destroy Wikipedia (The Cunctator) - an open challenge
Threats that wikipedia might face, in your most paranoid nightmare
Worst cases of what could happen to wikipedia (realistically)
Responding to the Critics (Stephen Gilbert)
Wikipedia drop-outs
Discussion about FOLDOC fork
Wikipedia's first press release--draft for comment
Advertising on Wikipedia (Jimbo Wales, with comments by others)]
Wikipedia Governance - Jimbo Wales (Response to 24's governance)
Open letter to the Enciclopedia Libre group (fork of the spanish wikipedia spring 2002)
Integrating Two Integrative Sites (a proposal from Kris Roose of the Integration Website
Wikicide - a one sentence definition
Protected pages considered harmful

Wikipedia historyEdit

Historical Wikipedia pages -- a museum of old pages
History of Wikipedia -- Wikipedia and where it's been
Wikipedia commentary
Wikipedia software upgrade status
Logo history -- History of the logos

New avenues for expansionEdit