Integrating Two Integrative Sites

Integrating Two Integrative SitesEdit

Hi, I'm the webmaster and principal author of the Integration Website A fascinating thrill went through me when I discovered the Wikipedia Website and the Wiki Websites System in general.

The similarity in the purpose of this site and Wikipedia is striking: both sites aim at constructing, by open Internet cooperation, a thesaurus of integrative knowledge. Still, there are two differences: (1) the Wikipedia site uses an automated software, allowing visitors to edit existing pages online, while this site is manually edited, and (2) the Integration site features an advanced concept of integrative editing, while the Wiki system is described as "a collaborative project to produce a free and complete encyclopedia", and uses the "open content" paradigm. Although the Open Content approach is completely compatible with the Integration approach, the latter goes further because (1) it proposes a series of explicit editing rules (while the Wiki context is much more permissive, and its rules are more intuitive and inspired by common sense), and because (2) this Integration concept assumes that by respecting these rules, if adequately applied, a degree of plausibility probably comparable to scientific certitude can be reached.

As I describe in the Future of this Site page, integration with such an integrative site as Wikipedia will be sought. In a first stage I'll try to add progressively our contents to the Wikipedia site. If, for some reasons yet to discover, this kind of integration proves impossible, we'll try to start up a new Wiki-like site, or introduce the Wiki software into this site.

Any comments? Kris Roose 10 Nov 2002, 14.30 CET

Sounds interesting. This type of question should be put forwared to the Wikipedia mailing list. However I can tell you right now that some people will be concerned with your websites POV of "scientifically based spirituality". But if your text can be made to adhere our NPOV poilicy then it would be great to have it. --mav
Although the content of this site (IntegralPolitics etc.) is very interesting, and articles on such stuff should be in wikipedia, the style and structure of Roose's existing material simply precludes deep integration with an NPOV view. Certainly the "scientifically based spirituality" is a problem but even worse is the fact that no explicit visible glossary or even table of contents is on that site. This should be Roose's first step if he wants to integrate things here - locate the wikipedia articles on the terms of art his site defines - see how compatible they are with the slant he wants to give, balance if necessary. However, as it stands, his site can't even accept feedback via a form properly, so here it is here.

The Table of contents is, since the very beginning, at The proper form for feedback is, also since the beginning, at Also a glossary is present as a (Google) search engine, limited to the site, located at the homepage, and on some other important pages. Kris Roose ]