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Some people are itching to place essay-type material on Wikipedia. Who are we to stop them? So upload your essays here. But please, follow the Wikipedia commentary area rule: Name your essay either as a subpage of the commentary page, /Like this, or as a subpage of your personal home page, Larry Sanger/Like this. Expect essays named according to any other convention to be renamed appropriately. We simply must not run the risk of people mistaking commentary for encyclopedia content.

The commentary

  • Ethics, philosophy, objectivity, religion
Simple View of Ethics and Morals - moved to
A definition of Philosophy and Fields of Knowledge (Ray Van De Walker) - moved to
Drawbacks of Philosophical Understandings (Bryan Mayo) - moved to
The Problem of Defining Sanity (Bruce Hamilton) - moved to
Investigator as Philosopher (Bruce Hamilton) - moved to
Ethics or Morals (Bruce Hamilton) - moved to
Ethics vs. Morals -- some rather old discussion about the difference between ethics and morals - moved to
Media Bias (collectively written) - moved to
A pome of sorts in narrative style... (Bruce Hamilton) - moved to
Folklore, myth and religion (various) - moved to
Faith vs science with regard to the Wikipedia - moved to
Disability Etiquette - moved to
/Belief in God spectrum - moved to
  • The world and where it's going
Middle East Reconciliation (Uriyan) - moved to
Stupid Republicans (author unknown) - moved to
The best president to have a beer with (various Wikipedians) - moved to
Internet Authority Disease by Sammy snake - moved to
  • Content of Wikipedia
Proposal for an Encyclopedian Recycling Endeavor (BryceHarrington) - moved to
Please help build 911 Attack memorial - moved to
Project Sourceberg (what to do about primary sources) - moved to
  • Form of Wikipedia
The elements of an encyclopedia project (Larry Sanger and whoever else joins in) - moved to
Breadth and depth (Larry Sanger and others) - moved to
Modular content creation (TimShell and others) - moved to
Wiki is not paper (a discussion about ways to improve upon the traditional encyclopedia concept) - moved to
Should Wikipedia Use Profanity? (Stephen Gilbert and others) - moved to
When should I link externally? (GWO) - moved to
Kill the Stub Pages (BryceHarrington) - moved to
Improving Portal Pages (BryceHarrington) - moved to
Get rid of subpages entirely (Larry Sanger - moved to
How to write non-american names
U.S. vs. US
Use pinyin not Wade-Giles
  • Wikipedia and where it's going
Best debates about Wikipedia articles
Wikipedia Anti-Rules (Anonymous and others) - moved to
Making Wikipedia profitable (Neeklamy and others) - moved to
The future of Wikipedia (Kpjas and others)
How to Destroy Wikipedia (The Cunctator) - an open challenge
How to Build Wikipedia (The Cunctator) - an open exhortation
Making fun of Britannica
A better Wikipedia
The Wikipedia Community
Search Engine
configuration management
Responding to the Critics (Stephen Gilbert)
Larrys Big Reply (originally on Creationism/Talk)
(AKA "The Ten Point Plan", or, "We should not impose our values on other thinking people.")
SJKs Wikipedia-Specific License proposal
Would Larry and Cunc just drop it please
  • Larry' section
Larry Sanger/Columns (Larry Sanger and people who respond to him)
Larrys Text -- a lot of this is in lecture format, and some of it contains my own personal opinions. I fully intend to wikify it and render it encyclopedic; I've been doing so slowly but steadily. When it's fully wiki'ed, I'll remove it from this commentary page, because it will no longer contain any commentary per se.  :-) As you can see, I am the first one to break my own rule (the item isn't filed under my name or the commentary page) but that's only because I do fully intend to make it into encyclopedia articles, and am in the process of doing so. --Larry Sanger