Wikipedia sociology

This page is devoted to the sociology of Wikipedia — how it works as a community, and as a brave new world.

Structure edit

  • Power structure
    • Explains the complex and distributed power structure within Wikipedia
    • Short description of different levels of hierarchy within Wikipedia.
  • The Wikipedia Community
    • Description of the community

Ruling metaphors among contributors edit

Patterns and processes at work edit

Types or tendencies edit

  • Faction
    • Describes various tendencies among contributors to Wikipedia
  • A continuum between extreme Eventualism and extreme Immediatism
    • Eventualists value Wikipedia for its long-term value. Immediatists value its short-term value as a proper encyclopedia.
  • A continuum between extreme Inclusionism and extreme Deletionism
    • Inclusionist values every article except obvious junk articles, while Deletionist only value 'proper' articles.

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Individual psychology edit

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