Wikinoia is the unsubstantiated belief that other Wikipedia users are maliciously damaging one's contributions. It most commonly takes the forms of believing that a reasonable edit by someone else of your work is vandalism or believing that a user who annoys you is a previously banned user who annoyed you and who has returned under an alias to annoy you again.

It may sometimes or even often be an understandable reaction to arduous reversion battles and continual slanging matches with anonymous users.

The solution is to:

  1. Follow the three-fold law: Never revert the same article three times on the same day
  2. Get over your academic standards kick
  3. Get over the idea that compiling an encyclopedia is a genteel occupation
  4. Get over your Wikistress
  5. Get a life
  6. Try not to believe that everyone from Canada is DW

Not necessarily in that order.

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