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Learning Clinics:Edit

This is just an initial calendar of some upcoming clinics. We are hoping that many more will be proposed by Learning Ambassadors. We will be updating it weekly and also inform you of those that can be of interest to you.

Topic Regions Date Open resources for asynchronous viewing
Proposal writing clinic LAC 10th of March 2UTC Case studies: Wikimedistas de Uruguay Wikimedia Chile

Wikimedia Colombia

General session deck (Español)


Proposal writing clinic MEA 11th of March 2UTC Case study: Wiki in Africa Recording of case study

General session deck (English)


Let's Connect Orientation Session (Option1) All Regions April 20


Link to Zoom meeting

English Deck

Spanish Deck

French Deck

Recording of Let's Connect Orientation Session 1

Let's Connect Orientation Session (Option 2) All Regions April 21

10Am UTC

Link to Zoom meeting

English Deck

Spanish Deck

French Deck

Recording of Let's Connect Orientation Session 2

Proposal Writing Clinic MEA 27th of April, 2022 Toolkit (with case study presentations and session recording, as well as other resources)
Qualitative evaluation methods and tools All Regions 29th of April

3pm UTC

Session planMain DeckRecording

Learning document (for recap or asynchronous learning)

Case study 1 Learnings from Research on Indian Language Wikimedia Projects CIS-A2K India Deck, Interview questionnaire example, Gender Gap research report

Case study 2: Headwaters Micro-documentaries Reference to quantitative data: Prosperity Ranking

Tools to measure quantitative metrics All Regions 13th of May, 3-5pm UTC Feedback form for those that participated. Recording, Learning Toolkit (with all the Clinic material and further learning resources)
Using storytelling to communicate impact Mainly LAC but open to other regional participants on request (in Spanish with French and English translation) 26th of May, 4-6pm UTC Register here Recording, Deck in Spanish Other resources: past workshops on storytelling, storytelling references
Proposal writing Clinic led by Carlo Brescia (WikiAcción Perú) All regions for registered participants (in English) 18th of August, 2-3.30 UTC Recording, Deck in English
Learning Cluster: Big impact with Small Events led by Evellin Heidel (Wikimedia Uruguay) For specific learners connected through the skills directory 27th of June Recording, Deck, Empathy Map Jamboard example
Learning Clinic with Anna Torres (Wikimedia Argentina)

Developing your first anual plan

All regions (Spanish with English live interpretation) 1st of September, 9-10pm UTC. Recording in Spanish Recording in English Deck in Spanish Deck in English
Learning Clinic with Jonathan Jimenez (Wikimedia México) All regions (Spanish with English live interpretation) 8th of September, 3-5 pm UTC Recording in English, Recording in Spanish, Deck in Spanish, Deck in English, How to tell your story exercise template (in English, in Spanish)
Learning Cluster with Bukola James On Wiki Skills - adding Infoboxes For specific learners connected through the skills directory Deck in English
Let's Connect Reflection session Open to all participants 23rd of September, 3-4pm UTC Deck in English, Recording in English, Jamboard brainstorm
Weekly Conversation hours with Let's Connect Working Group All Regions To be confirmed

One-one Matches: Live coffees and teasEdit

The one-one coffees and teas are a great way for a closer connection with a peer to learn or share with them. These connections happen in two ways. 1. Working-group led. When the working group finds a connection and suggests this via email. Keep a look out for your email to see if you receive a connection and make sure you respond in the given time frame so that this conneciton can happen. 2. The even better way! When participants themselves request to connect with someone. Oh, great, and how is this done?

Step 1: Navigate the Skills Directory to find some one that wants to share skills you want to learn, or wants to learn skills that you want to share!

Step 2: Request to connect to this person by clicking "I want to connect to share with this person" or "I want to connect to learn from this person".

Step 3: This will take you to a form where you will explain your interests and needs. This information is important so that Let's Connect Working Group can support you in organising the session and meeting each others expectations in this first connection! 😁

If you have any doubts about how to navigate the Skills Directory have a look at the orientation presentation or video. You can also write to us at