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"When you absolutely positively have to know, ask a librarian."

Linason Blessing Chemataon also known as Linason Blessing is a student of Kwara State University, she is a Librarian in training and a Wikipedia editor. She enjoys reading, values the impact of information in the society and loves social service.

Community Works/User GroupsEdit

  • Wikimedia Nigeria User Group Nigeria (Volunteer)
  • Ilorin Wikimedia Hub (Member)
  • Wiki Loves Africa 2021(participant)
  • Wikidata SDG's Contest 2021 (participant)
  • Wikipedia Pages Wanting Photos in Nigeria 2021 (participant)
  • WPWP(Kwara) 2021 (winner)
  • Wikidata (Media personalities in Nigeria) 2021 (winner)
  • WikiGlam 2021 (Awareness for librarians in Kwara state) (Participant)
  • Wikidata (Libraries and Librarians in Nigeria) (participant)
  • 1Lib1Ref2022Kwara (Facilitator)
  • Wikidata Novel and Novelist in Nigeria (Facilitator)
  • Wiki Hackathon in Kwara State (Organizer)
  • Wiki Loves SDGs Campus Tour (Participant)

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