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Hello! My name is Bukola James and this is my user page. I go by "Bukky" in real life, but often by "Bukola" online. People sometimes assume that "Bukky" is just a nickname for "Bukola", but it's actually my shorten first name. I was born in Ilorin, Kwara. I joined Wikipedia in 2020. Since 2020. I'm a graduate, serial volunteer that is passionate about SDGs 4 (quality education for life-long learning). I'm also an infopreneur and a Librarian in training. I offer research assistance, help authors index their books, compile bibliographies, references and curate video contents. I have actively participated in several contests and campaigns that promote and create visibility for African-related contents, enhance articles, create Wikidata items and promote visibility for African Scholars on the online encyclopedia. I am proud of being part of the Wikipedia community, and I am grateful for what it has offered to millions of people worldwide.

Wikipedia JourneyEdit

I joined Wikipedia during the covid-19 lockdown in May 2020 through the 1lib1ref campaign organised by the African Library and Information Associations and Institutions for the first online African Librarians Week.

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I trust you.

Really, you can! If you would like to, please feel free to do so. This page is "open" which means that you need to register for an account, hang around for a few days, make some good edits to pages that are totally unprotected (which is most of them!) and you'll be "auto-confirmed". Make an edit or two! After all, that's what Wikipedia is all about!

I like to keep it a certain way (simple and free from complicated markup, styles, or excessive templates), but the thing is, I trust you. I truly believe that! I am confident you will add something here that would make me grin, and inform me or many other individuals. But please, do not vandalize, because it won't make the world any better, and you know that too, so please don't. Thank you for helping to keep Wikipedia clean.

Community Works/User GroupsEdit

This User is among the Top 10 contributors to better visibility of LGBT+ persons on Wikipedia
User participated in African Wikimedia Technical Hackathon 2022
contributed massively to the African Wikimedia Developers Program 2021

Wikipedia Pages Wanting Photos in Nigeria 2020 (Participant)

WikiGap Nigeria Online Challenge 2021(4th runner-up)

Wikimedia Nigeria User Group Nigeria (member)

Ilorin Wikimedia Hub (Member)

WikiSanta Contest December 2020 (2nd prize winner)

Wikipedia in African Libraries Cohort 1 2021 (participant)

#AflibWk #1lib1ref 2020 (one of the top 50 best contributors)

Wiki Activate 2021 (first prize winner)

Wiki Loves Africa 2021 (participant)

WPWP 2021 (participant)

WikiExpedition 2021 (participant)

project lead, #1lib1ref 2022 Kwara

Communication Expert (EduWiki Collaborators 2.0)

Certified trainer of the Training of Trainers-Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom Program 2021

project lead for Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom program

founder and president Wikimedia Fan Club Kwara State University Malete

project lead , Wikiglam Awareness for librarians in Kwara State.

project lead, Wikidata for libraries and notable librarians in Nigeria.

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