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All the resources created by Wiki In Africa for its various programs over the years. Where helpful, we have also included links to additional materials or training to increase knowledge.

We have several of these training videos and more collated on YouTube. Check out the full playlists here:

Here is the category for Wiki Loves Africa training material.

Creating and Organising Campaigns


Organise a Wikimedia Contribution Event


How to: Central Notice Banners by User:Ciell

How to Create an ISA Campaign by Isla Haddow-Flood, ISA Tool 2020

Translation system


WikiPage Translation 101: training webinar in English by User:Anthere for Wiki Loves Africa 2022

Create a Safe Space


What to do with IP Blocks


Tools used to support campaigns


Wikimedia Knowledge and Training


Getting started on the Wikimedia projects


Outreach Dashboard


Introduction to Outreach Dashboard was hosted by Euphemia Uwandu for Africa Environment 2023

How to Contribute to Specific Topics


Improving Wikipedia’s coverage of climate change facilitated by Su-Laine Brodsky for Africa Environment 2023

In English (with French, Portuguese and Arabic translation)

Navigating Sources and other Media Gaps for Underrepresented Peoples by Betty Kankam-Boadu and Sherry Antoine for Wiki Loves Women's Focus Group Working Session, 2022



WikiAfrica Offline Resources ideal for Education and Training Programs

WikiFundi And When You Should Use It by Isla Haddow-Flood for the WikiFundi project



Introduction to Wikidata hosted by Yamen Bousrih for Africa Environment 2023

Introduction to Wikidata: Creating items by Nassima Chahboun for Wiki Loves Women's Focus Group Working Session, 2022



How to add an entry on Wikiquote by User:Anthere for SheSaid Campaign

Démo de création d'article en français by User:Anthere for SheSaid Campaign

Editing Wikiquote with #SheSaid Campaign by User:Anthere with User:Rosiestep and User:Camelia.boban for SheSaid 2021 Campaign

Wikiquote in Italian with English subtitles

Additional event management and training resources


Art + Feminism Resources


Whose Knowledge? Resources


Understanding Licences and Attribution


Creative Commons Licences


Creative Commons - Share Your Work

Licenses provided by Creative Commons provide a simple, standardized way to give you permission to share and use your creative work on sites like Wikipedia.
Useful for: Choosing an open license that will work best for your context and content.

Video: Creative Commons - Wanna Work Together?

Useful for: Understanding why Creative Commons alternatives to standard copyright are important tools for sharing knowledge.

IP, copyright, and licenses on Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons


Masterclass: How IP, copyright, and licenses work on Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons by User:Anthere for Wiki Loves Africa 2021

Webinar : Intellectual Property Rights and Licensing Policy on Commons by User:Anthere for Wiki Loves Africa 2024

Droits d'auteur et Licences sur Wikimedia Commons (formatrice User:Serieminou) for Wiki Loves Africa 2024

Created by User:Anthere that teaches school children about authors' rights, Creative Commons licences, and licensing attribution. The course includes teaching resources, lesson plans and printable guides designed for offline learning. Funded by Creative Commons Education Platform.

Qu’est-ce qu’une oeuvre de l’esprit ?


Qu’est-ce qu’une oeuvre de l’esprit ? (What is a work of authorship?) created by User:Anthere for the

Photography and Wikimedia Commons


All Wiki Loves Africa webinars, training and masterclasses found here.

All tools used during Wiki Loves Africa contest found here.

All resources for Nos Jardins in French.

Commons Upload Wizard


How to upload images to Wiki Loves Africa by Isla Haddow-Flood for Wiki Loves Africa 2020

Adding Categories to Images on Commons


Wikimedia Commons Categories - The Basics by Christel Steigenbeger

Adding Category to Image by Gabriel Joe Amuzu for Wiki Loves Africa 2022

How to Make Images more Useful on Commons


Masterclass: How to make images on Wikimedia Commons more useful for Wikipedia by User:Anthere and Isla Haddow-Flood for Wiki Loves Africa 2020

Running Local Jury processes


Photography Training


Mobile photo photography by Wasiul Bahar for Wiki Loves Africa 2024

Mobile phone photography for Commons by Wasiul Bahar for Wiki Loves Africa 2023

Workshop: Photo Processing using Mobile phones presented in collaboration with Commons Photographers User Group

Resources shared by participants during Image Description Week 2022

Analyze a Photograph by National Archives
The Digital Image Guide (DIG) Method by Dana Thompson
Guidelines for Image Description by Sina Bahram, Anna Chiaretta Lavatelli, and Cooper Hewitt
Veronica with Four Eyes alt text archives
Alt Text as Poetry workbook by artists Bojana Coklyat & Shannon Finnegan
Decolonizing the Internet's Structured Data by Whose Knowledge?
“It’s Complicated”: Negotiating Accessibility and (Mis)Representation in Image Descriptions of Race, Gender, and Disability by Cynthia L. Bennett and others
Reimagine Descriptive Workflows: A Community-informed Agenda for Reparative and Inclusive Descriptive Practice by OCLC
Concadia: Tackling Image Accessibility with Descriptive Texts and Context by Elisa Kreiss, Noah D. Goodman, and Christopher Potts
Estructurando datos para revertir brechas by Wikimedia Argentina
Texto alternativo: la guía definitiva by DALAT Desarrollo Accessible Latinoamericano



Communications 101: training webinar in English by Isla Haddow-Flood for Wiki Loves Africa 2022

  • Watch it on YouTube

Online Issues


Being Safe Online - The Digital First Aid Toolkit

Solving Online Harassment by Katherine Maher at MozFest (not created by Wiki In Africa, but of interest)