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Wiki Loves Women – Focus Group
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What we do
  • A monthly thematic working session with the group (private recording for group members)
  • Bi-monthly office hours on Thursdays
  • Ongoing Telegram group for discussion
  • Participation to #SheSaid drive in Oct 2021

Wiki Loves Women's Focus Group Working Meetings in 2022Edit

May 2022Edit

In Mai 2022 the Focus Group discussed and voted for the topics of the upcoming working Sessions.

April 2022Edit

In April 2022 the Focus Group had 2 offices hours, during which, the members discussed the IP rights on Wikimedia Commons and the She Said campaign.

March 2022Edit

In March 2022 the Focus Group had 2 offices hours, during which, the members discussed the creation of campaigns on the ISA tool and shared experiences.

February 2022Edit

In February 2022 the Focus Group had a tutorial on How to Translate a Wikipage.

January 2022Edit

In 2022 the Focus Group regrouped and reflected and shared lessons learnt of activities and events from 2021. Hence we discussed about what each member would like to take away in the new year and how they envision to develop themselves this year and also share what key areas they may need help from them to reach their vision and personal development as a Focus Group Members. Using a Jamboard, we focused on the following aspects ;

  • Goals as a Focus Group member in 2022
  • Skills you'd like to have (Personal development)
  • Things to do get out of your comfort zone (More of like challenging yourself)
  • Reflect on last year what 2 things can you improve about the Focus Group Programme from last year

Wiki Loves Women's Focus Group Working Meetings in 2021Edit

December 2021Edit

WLW Focus Group Members Christmas party

On the Dec 15th the Focus Group members hosted a Christmas party where they hosted fun activities, guessing games and also reflected on the year and how the Focus Group Programme was. Below is an image of the virtual Christmas party. Some of the fun things done for the Christmas party was too have the Focus group have a fun vacation dress code which was a hat, sunglasses and a beverage of their choice. In conclusion the Focus group shared their highlights and appreciations about the programme and how it has positively impacted their lives, hence we have shared to constantly connect and keep inspiring each other.

November 2021Edit

On the 24th of November 2021 the Focus Group Members will be having their working group session where we will having a second session discussing on Reporting to WMF and the community. with the following key topics;

The new Community Fund portal

- Reporting, documentation with photographs + media; - Tools to use when measure and track contributions as well as dashboard final statistics, see below links;

- Storytelling to the community to share about reporting;

October 2021Edit

On the 20th of October 2021 the Focus Group Members will be having their working group session where we will discuss on Reporting. with the following key topics;

  • What are the expectations from reporting, impact done or providing the stats of the work done.
  • Importance of updating and recording what a community does, possibly create a Meta page where a record of activities are recorded which helps for identifying active communities and possible collaborations with other communities.
  • Tracking wikiquote stats: an in depth deep dive on Dashboard ensuring that the Focus Group Members add their participants on their dashboards and the set the dashboard accordingly adding the SheSaid Campaign to their dashboards.
  • Tracking wiki quotes through the Recent Changes tool on Wikiquote and using filters.
  • Uploading images to Commons and categorising them using SheSaid Category.
  • Best ways to record how funds will be spent.

September 2021Edit

On the 8th of September 2021 the Focus Group Members will be having their working group session where we will discuss and will work on Events organising and planning.

  • The check list:

Preparing for your eventEdit

1. Preparing for your event: (Candy)

  • What presentations and materials do you need and in what order example of last year slides about SheSaid
  • How do you create a good talk or session (watch this video on the right for good pointers (or click here
  • Learn some great tricks on public speaking (read through the book on the right or [:File:Wikimania 2021 Speaker Guidebook - English.pdf|click here]])

2. Keeping track of impact (Candy and Anthere)

3. Communications during event (not done ---> to reschedule)

4. Creating a friendly and safe environment (Isla - could not make it --> to reschedule)

5. Host your event! Take photos!

  • This is what you are ready for!

6. Reporting and documentation (Anthere or Minette)

7. Demo of how to create a wikiquote entry (Anthere), done during Office Hour

8. Focus Group Members assignments, done during Office Hour

  • The Focus group to create redlists of women in their countries
  • The focus group members to create or improve 10 Women Wiki Quotes

August 2021: events planning and organizingEdit

On the 11th of August 2021 the Focus Group Members had their third working group session where we discussed and worked on Events organising and planning.

  • The check list:

Planning your eventEdit

1. Build a team

2. Secure a location

3. Decide the focus of your event (theme, project, material) and then create lists of suggested activities to help the participants

4. Plan the structure of the event/s

5. Set up the event times

6. Communications platforms

  • what channels are your participants on
  • what do they need to know before hand, what will get them excited

July 2021 : building a profile page on the wikiEdit

On the 7th of July 2021 the Focus Group Members had their second working group session where we discussed and worked on "Building your profile in Wiki". Some of the key elements that discussed were:

Refering document : Wiki Loves Women Mooc/Building your own profile

After the session, the Focus Group Members were encouraged to improve their User Pages, this will help them to easily get involved with the community of Wikipedia editors and also make it easier to for them to get contacted via your User Page for any discussions or notifications. It was also proposed that Group Members review one another profiles :)

June 2021 : Launch and how to submit a grant to WMFEdit

The Wiki Loves Women project has launched its Focus Group coaching programme with 12 female members from Botswana, Cameroon, France, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Sudan and Zimbabwe. The Focus Group Members initiative kickstarted in June by hosting the first ever working session on June 2nd. In this working session the main discussions were about what the programme is about, goals and expectations from the Focus Group Members. We also discussed the future Wiki Loves Women/SheSaid initiative meant for October 2021. Another platform that we use to stay in touch with the Focus Group to support and make announcements is on Telegram, which is quite convenient for communication.

Some of the key activities that were achieved in this month was to have all the Focus Group members meet up and support them in submitting their rapid grants proposals for the #SheSaid initiative. A number of office hour sessions were held in June to assist the Focus Group to successfully submit their rapid grant requests.

What kinds of support can we provide?Edit

Focused on advising and supporting movement Focus Group Members running #SheSaid campaigns. The support includes:

  • Providing consultations on Wikiquote, organising events, technologies, tools and tactics that relevant to running campaigns.
  • Advising Focus group members and peer to peer feedback and sharing of ideas on best practices to run and facilitate training events online and offline.
  • Assist the Focus Group members to identify and seek capacities, funding needs, and other resources needed to run their campaigns.

Office HoursEdit

Monthly Office Hours are carried out to assist the Focus Group members.

Office Hour 10 : WLW Focus Group grant report writingEdit

  • Date: 13 January 2022
  • The WLW Focus Group met to get assistance with any questions they may have concerning their WLW grant report writing.

Office Hour 9Edit

  • Date: 10th November 2021

Office Hour 8Edit

  • Date: 28th October 2021

Office Hour 7Edit

  • Date: 14th October 2021

Office Hour 6: Repeat Training and Walkthrough on WikiquoteEdit

  • Date: 30th September 2021

Office Hour 5: Training and Walkthrough on WikiquoteEdit

  • Date: 2 September 2021
  • Resourceful Link: Video

Office Hour 4: Further review on Project meta pages for focus group and provide supportEdit

  • Date: 26 August 2021

Office Hour 3: How to organise events and formulate a project page, compile editing tips and tricks for your community on edittingEdit

Session: Wiki Loves Women Focus Group Programme presented at Wikimania 2021Edit

  • Date: 14 August 2021
  • Youtube Link:

Office Hour 2: Profiling on Wikimedia, review other focus group members user pagesEdit

  • Date: 27th July 2021

Office Hour 1: Discussed grant proposal requirements , Expectations, reporting, How to apply for a grantEdit