I am a female librarian from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and the bulk of clientele i serve are scientist doing research in different fields of natural and cultural history. I have had challenges in having them to accept Wikipedia as a source of information, same with our tertiary institutions. This platform will help me to present Wikipedia to them, have them accept and embrace it as source of information.

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I, user:Sindiept im an employee on the Natural History Museum of Zimbabwe, which has stunning displays and valuable research collections, the best museum in Southern Africa and ranked fourth in size among the museums of Africa. I will not make any edits that would not be beneficial to the goals of Wikipedia.

I will modify my editing behavior based on problems cited by other editors or if my editing conflicts with other Wikipedia guidelines. I ask that other editors do not hesitate to contact me, via my user talk page, if I appear to be going against this declaration. Sindiept (talk) 14.57 hours 10 February 2021 (CAT)

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