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Degemer mat war Meta-Wiki, ul lec’hienn gouestlet da raktresoù an Diazezadur Wikimedia, en o zouez Wikipedia, ar C’helc’hgeriadur enlinenn digor, hag ar meziant MediaWiki e laka da vont en-dro. Skoazellit ac’hanomp d’he lakaat e brezhoneg.

Other meta-focused wikis such as Wikimedia Outreach are specialized projects that have their roots in Meta-Wiki. Related discussions also take place on Wikimedia mailing lists (particularly wikimedia-l, with its low-traffic equivalent WikimediaAnnounce), IRC channels on Libera, individual wikis of Wikimedia affiliates, and other places.

Nevez flamm !

Miz Eost 2022

Wikimedia-logo.svg August 11 – August 14 : Wikimania! takes place around the world. Talks and sessions are available for viewing online.
OOjs UI icon speechBubbles-ltr-progressive.svg July 22 – August 22 : Wikimedia Foundation Legal department call for feedback on the Brand Stewardship Report content outline.
OOjs UI icon speechBubbles-ltr-progressive.svg August 18 : Conversation with Maggie Dennis on Community Resilience & Sustainability at 13:00 UTC

Gouere 2022

OOjs UI icon articleCheck-ltr-progressive.svg July 25 – August 3 : 2022 Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees election: Endorse statements for the Election Compass with top 15 selected.
OOjs UI icon articleCheck-ltr-progressive.svg July 25 – July 26 : 2022 Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees election: Endorse questions for the candidates with top six selected.
OOjs UI icon speechBubbles-ltr-progressive.svg July 26 : Open meeting with the Web team about the new interface (12:00 UTC and 19:00 UTC).
Wikimedia-logo.svg July 14 : Conversation with Trustees hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation Community Affairs Committee
Wikimedia-logo.svg July 8: Wikimedia Foundation Legal Department Office Hour – TVEC Update (Session 1) (Session 2)
Wikimedia-logo.svg July 2 – July 3 : Strategic Wikimedia Affiliates Network (SWAN) meeting

Kumuniezh & Kehentiñ
Diazezadur Wikimedia, Méta-Wiki, Roll klok raktresoù Wikimedia
The Wikimedia Foundation is the overarching non-profit foundation that owns the Wikimedia servers along with the domain names, logos and trademarks of all Wikimedia projects and MediaWiki. Meta-Wiki is the coordination wiki for the various Wikimedia wikis.
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