Image filter referendum/Translation

This is a closed translation request.

This page coordinates translation of the Image filter referendum pages. The coordinating committee will try its best to find many translators to reduce their individual workload.

To update/add the CentralNotice translations of different languages click here.

Translation edit

  1. If your language is not listed below (search codes), please add it with the code below (or ask someone to add it for you).
     |code               = es iso639 3
     |announcement       = done
     |intro and rules    = not complete
     |warning            = 
     |warning2           = 
     |warning3           = 
     |warning4           = 
     |faq                = 
     |results            = 
     |committee          = 
     |vote interface-m   = 
     |vote interface     = 
     |navigation menu    = done
     |email              = 
  2. Click on any of the links for your language. If the translation has not been started, the English text to translate will appear in the edit box.
  3. When you're completely done translating a page, add "done" after the '=' for that page (or ask someone to do it for you).
  4. Please check back occasionally in case one of your translations gets marked as "update needed".

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