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00:00:00.000,00:00:05.000 Wikipedia is non-profit, but it's the #5 website in the world. All of the articles on Wikipedia are written by volunteers.

00:00:06.000,00:00:11.500 हम उनमें से कुछ पेश कर रहे हैं ...

00:00:12.000,00:00:13.000 मैं नेपाल से हूँ

00:00:13.100,00:00:14.000 मैं इराक़ से हूँ

00:00:14.100,00:00:16.000 मैं भारत से हूँ

00:00:16.001,00:00:17.000 I’m from Byram, New Jersey

00:00:17.100,00:00:18.000 मैं बर्मिंघम, इंगलैंड में रहता हूँ।

00:00:18.100,00:00:22.050 शिकागो, इलिनॉय -- ला पास, बोलिविया -- नैरोबी, कीनिया

00:00:22.051,00:00:24.000 कुआलालंपुर, मलेशिया -- मिलान, इटली में -- दक्षिण अफ़्रीका

00:00:24.100,00:00:26.100 पोलैंड -- जापान -- आर्मीनिया

00:00:26.200,00:00:28.000 ब्राज़ील -- रूस -- बोत्सवाना

00:00:28.001,00:00:30.500 इज़राइल -- उज़्बेकिस्तान -- हांगकांग

00:00:30.501,00:00:31.000 इस्तांबुल -- मेक्सिको

00:00:31.001,00:00:32.000 चॅटानूगा, टेनेसी

00:00:33.000,00:00:38.000 At the beginning of my joining to Wikipedia in 2008, I started many articles.

00:00:38.100,00:00:44.000 One of them, I think it was about a lady called Mariam Nour.

00:00:44.100,00:00:48.000 We didn’t have an article about it, so -- and this was my first article.

00:00:48.100,00:00:52.500 So I forget about it! Maybe two or three years later,

00:00:52.600,00:00:57.000 मैं इस लेख पर पहुँचा। मैं हैरान रह गया।

00:00:57.100,00:01:02.000 १,००,००० से अधिक लोगों ने इस लेख को पढ़ा।

00:01:02.100,00:01:08.000 They used it, so they got their information from this article. They passed by this article,

00:01:08.100,00:01:15.000 so you feel like you affected and influenced more than 100,000 people.

00:01:15.500,00:01:19.000 I was just so terrified when I pushed the 'edit' button for the first time.

00:01:19.100,00:01:24.000 I thought, “Oh my god, I’m going to ruin everything! That can’t work! I can’t do it!”

00:01:24.100,00:01:29.000 Wikipedia is an 'open source' -- where everyone can throw in his or her idea

00:01:29.100,00:01:34.000 and then somebody else comes in and polishes on that idea to make it superb.

00:01:34.100,00:01:40.500 There are thousands of people working every day, every hour, every minute on Wikipedia to improve it.

00:01:40.501,00:01:44.000 बहुत हद तक यह एक स्वयंसेवा है। यह स्वयंसेवा करने का एक अनूठा तरीका है।

00:01:44.100,00:01:49.000 It brings together both professionals and amateurs who have a love for a particular topic.

00:01:49.100,00:01:54.000 The people who had different opinions in the beginning start to collaborate.

00:01:54.001,00:01:58.500 A lot of what you would assume a large Internet corporation would handle

00:01:58.501,00:02:01.000 is handled by volunteers like me.

00:02:01.100,00:02:05.000 You just can’t say, “Okay, I’m right, you’re wrong, this is my version of the article!”

00:02:05.100,00:02:07.000 If there’s an issue of bias,

00:02:07.100,00:02:11.000 then somebody has probably flagged it and if not, now I can flag it too.

00:02:11.000,00:02:13.000 You’ve got hundreds and thousands of people seeing that

00:02:13.001,00:02:15.000 and correcting it.

00:02:15.001,00:02:16.400 And then I push the button and

00:02:16.401,00:02:19.600 Boom - The journey started and it was great.

00:02:19.601,00:02:21.000 सर्वप्रथम मैंने 'प्रायिकता' के साथ शुरूआत की।

00:02:21.001,00:02:24.000 मेरा पहला लेख 'प्रायिकता' पर था।

00:02:24.001,00:02:26.000 One of my main articles I wrote on Wikipedia was

00:02:26.001,00:02:27.400 the article on stab wounds.

00:02:27.401,00:02:29.000 I write about fly fishing,

00:02:29.001,00:02:32.000 Montana history, National Park history, Yellowstone.

00:02:32.001,00:02:36.100 Underutilized crops. Chess players. Biodiversity.

00:02:36.101,00:02:39.100 Military history topics. Armenian history. Roman history.

00:02:39.101,00:02:42.100 न्यायाधीश। संचार। जीवनियाँ। फुटबॉल।

00:02:42.101,00:02:45.901 आयरलैण्ड। पेन्सिलवेनिया। अधिकतर फोटोग्राफी पर।

00:02:45.901,00:02:47.600 पिंक फ़्लॉइड। बेकिंग, क्योंकि मुझे बेक करना पसंद है।

00:02:47.601,00:02:50.200 Nuclear weapons and radioactivity,

00:02:50.201,00:02:52.000 and whitewater kayaking.

00:02:52,201,00:02:56.000 There’s all this information that’s out there that’s kind of scattered

00:02:56.001,00:02:59.000 and we’re putting it together in one place.

00:02:59.100,00:03:03.000 We are offering free knowledge for everyone,

00:03:03.101,00:03:07.000 in their own language so they can use it.

00:03:07.501,00:03:11.000 इसके द्वारा हर कोई लाभान्वित होता है, चाहे वे अमीर हों या गरीब हों।

00:03:11.001,00:03:16.000 For-profit companies have different motivations and different requirements.

00:03:16.500,00:03:22.000 From the Wikimedia Foundation, I don’t take a salary and I also don’t even take expenses.

00:03:22.001,00:03:25.500 I think it’s very important that I’m able to say quite clearly,

00:03:25.501,00:03:30.500 Look, when I’m asking you for money, I’m not asking you for money for myself --

00:03:30.501,00:03:36.000 I’m asking you for money for the Foundation which is the team who supports this amazing community that I’m a part of.

00:03:36.501,00:03:41.400 I think Wikipedia gave me this chance to really make a huge difference in the world.

00:03:41.401,00:03:48.000 यह आपके भविष्य के लिए, आपके बच्चों के भविष्य के लिए एक निवेश की तरह है।

00:03:53.401,00:03:57.000 शुक्रिया

00:04:00.000,00:04:03.000 The content contained in this video is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License v3.0 ( unless otherwise stated. This work is attributable to: Victor Grigas, Wikimedia Foundation. The views and opinions expressed in this video are solely those of the individuals appearing in the video and do not necessarily reflect the policies or positions of any company, organization, or institution the individual may be a member of. The trademarks and logos of the Wikimedia Foundation and any other organization are not included under the terms of this Creative Commons license. Wikimedia trademarks and logos, including "Wikipedia" and the puzzle globe logo, are registered trademarks of the Wikimedia Foundation. For more information, please see our Trademark Policy page, or contact

00:04:03.000,00:04:05.000 इस वीडियो का प्रकाशन एक क्रिएटिव कॉमन्स लाइसेंस के अंतर्गत हुआ है।

00:04:05.001,00:04:09.000 विकिपीडिया की ही तरह यह प्रतिलिपिकरण, रीमिक्स एवं सहभाजन के लिए मुक्त है।