Комитет по присоединению (Affiliations Committee)

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Комитет по присоединению (Affiliations Committee) консультирует и формирует рекомендации, связанные с процедурой одобрения статуса организаций, входящих в движение Викимедиа, а также их деятельностью.


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Комитет по присоединению (ранее именовавшийся Комитет по региональным организациям, сокращенно AffCom) - это комитет сообщества Викимедиа, рекомендующий Попечительскому совету Фонда Викимедиа утверждение новых аффилированных с движением объединений: национальных и суб-национальных региональных организаций, тематических организаций, и групп участников.

Комитет был основан 15 января 2006 года резолюцией Совета попечителей, одновременно с рядом других комитетов Викимедиа. Изначально, в его мандат входило координирование развития региональных организаций Викимедиа—находившихся на тот момент в начальной стадии своего становления—, а также улучшение коммуникации региональных организаций между собой и с Фондом Викимедиа.

In 2012, following a community discussion and a resulting Board of Trustees' resolution, the scope of the Committee was expanded to include thematic organisations and user groups. In accordance with the resolution, the Committee drafted its charter which was officially approved by the Board in August, finalising the transition into the Affiliations Committee.

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Процесс работы Комитета по присоединению (презентация в формате PDF, 2012 год).

The Affiliations Committee makes recommendations to the Board of Trustees on the recognition, approval and existence of Wikimedia movement affiliates, and for facilitating the creation of those organisations. In other words, the Committee helps Wikimedians from all around the world self-organise into chapters, thematic organisations and user groups, and to gain official recognition from the Wikimedia Foundation.

We can guide you through the founding process of your organisation by helping you to prepare bylaws, answering questions about what the Foundation expects from an affiliate, providing help and advice on solving common technical, trademark, administrative and community-building issues, and—if appropriate—by approving limited financial support for starting up your activities (such as covering the costs of registration and running initial projects).

If you're interested in getting in touch with local efforts in your area, feel free to contact us using any of the methods listed below, and we'll be happy to put you in contact with the right people.

Чем мы занимаемся Кто мы такие Контакты
Для получения дополнительной информации см. Комитет по присоединению/Члены.

The Affiliates Committee comprises volunteers selected for their enthusiasm and their skills in community organising, cross-cultural communication, reviewing bylaws, and providing governance advice for emerging organisations. There are currently ten voting members with terms of two years each; the terms are arranged so that half of the seats are up for election every year.

Voting members of the Committee are helped by an unspecified number of non-voting advisers, either appointed by the Board of Trustees (known as Board liaisons) or by the Committee itself. Advisers provide the Committee with on-the-ground experience, language skills, and governance advice, and are able to take part in discussions on an internal wiki and a non-public mailing list.

Certain Wikimedia Foundation staff members are also actively present on the Affiliations Committee's non-public mailing list and internal wiki acting as liaisons and providing insight and advice when needed. They are not formal members of the committee, and are present at the request of the Wikimedia Foundation and with permission from voting members of the committee.

All members of the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees have access to the Affiliations Committee's internal wiki.

If you'd like to be a voting member of the Committee, please leave a note on the talk page, and you'll be notified when seats become available. The next selection is scheduled for the end of 2019, with new members joining the Committee in early 2020. New members and advisers may be added mid-term, as well.

Члены с правом голоса
Член Языки Location (time zone) Term end Role
Mehman Ibragimov ka-N, tr-N, ru-N, az-N, en-3 Georgia, Eastern Europe (UTC+4) December 31, 2021
Emna Mizouni ar-N, en-3, fr-3, es-1 Tunisia, Africa (UTC+1) December 31, 2021 заместитель председателя
Sami Mlouhi ar-N, en-3, fr-3, it-1 Tunisia, Africa (UTC+1) December 31, 2021 секретарь
Camelia Boban ro-N, it-4, en-2, fr-1 Rome, Italy (UTC+1) December 31, 2020 казначей
Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight en-N, es-3, fr-2, sr-2 California, United States (UTC-8/UTC-7) December 31, 2021 Chair
Olushola Olaniyan en-4, yo-N Lagos, Nigeria (UTC+1) December 31, 2021
Reda Kerbouche ru-N, arq-N, shy-N, ar-4, fr-4, en-3 St Petersburg, Russia (UTC+3) December 31, 2020
Manavpreet Kaur pa-N, en-4, hi-3, fr-2 Punjab, India, Asia (UTC+5:30) December 31, 2020
Консультанты без права голоса
Able to access the committee's non-public mailing list and internal wiki.
Консультант Языки Location (time zone) Term end Extra
Jorid Martinsen September 30, 2021
Ilario Valdelli September 30, 2021
Anasuya Sengupta United States, North America (UTC-8/UTC-7) December 31, 2018
Patricio Lorente Argentina (UTC-3) December 31, 2018
Ting Chen Germany (UTC+2) December 31, 2018
Maria Sefidari es-N, en-4, fr-3, pt-1, it-1 Europe (UTC+1/UTC+2) Board Liaison
Esra'a Al Shafei Board Liaison
Jaime Anstee United States, North America (UTC-8/UTC-7) Staff Liaison
Dumisani Ndubane ts-N, en-4 South Africa (UTC+2) Staff Liaison
Kalliope Tsouroupidou en-N, el-N, pl-3, es-1 Greece (UTC +2) Staff Liaison (Trust & Safety)
Charles Roslof United States, North America (UTC-8/UTC-7) Staff Liaison (Legal)
Stephen LaPorte United States, North America (UTC-8/UTC-7) Staff Liaison (Legal)
Delphine Ménard fr-N, en-4, de-3, es-2, it-2 Germany, Europe (UTC+1/UTC+2) Staff observer

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  • Лучший способ связаться с Комитетом — написать на электронный почтовый ящик affcom(_AT_) Пожалуйста, заметьте, что иногда Комитет может не отвечать на письма довольно долго, поэтому, если вы не получили ответ в течение разумного времени, просто пришлите нам напоминание.
  • Вы можете отправить сообщение Комитету или подписаться на его страницу в Твиттере: @WikimediaAffCom
  • Вы можете отправить сообщение Комитету или подписаться на его страницу в Facebook: @WikimediaAffCom
  • You can also contact the members of the Committee individually by clicking on their usernames in the timeline above; feel free to use our talk pages and e-mails for any questions related to chapters, thematical organisations or user groups.
  • Sporadically, members of the Committee idle on the #wikimedia-affcomconnect IRC channel on Freenode; however, contacting us on the mailing list would almost always be a better choice.
  • Также для связи с членами Комитета вы можете использовать сервисы телефонных звонков (Skype или Google Hangouts).