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The Wikimedia United States Coalition is a framework to organize the founding of a strong group of Wikimedia chapters and Wikimedia thematic organizations in the United States, and to promote cooperation among them. Chapters in the United States, unlike existing chapters in other nations, may be founded on a metropolitan and regional-scale level, because of the unique issues of uneven population density throughout the country, and the relative unimportance of state boundary lines. A new research project on how to structure cooperation among the WMF affiliates in North America started in 2023.

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Wikimedia New York City and Wikimedia DC are the first approved regional chapters in the United States. Wiki-Conference New York 2009 at NYU was the first live venue at which this framework was developed among aspirant US chapter organizers.

Metropolitan level operations

The general distribution of US population , metropolitan areas and megaregions.

United States chapters may be founded on the level of metropolitan areas, which are informally defined urban areas surrounding major cities, with a local orientation as community groups. It may be practical to extend the regions of operation significantly beyond the Census definition of the metropolitan area, since many parts of the United States are not in any metropolitan area.

Existing efforts have focused on the participation of those engaging in Wikipedia Meetup events, which is a good way to get started organizing, and it may be helpful for regions of operation to be roughly congruent with the area for which travel to such events is convenient. The utilization of the Geonotice tool, and hopefully other improved geoip tools in future, is a good path to build up such local organization in the medium term.

It may be helpful to look at C. Etzel Pearcy's 1973 redrawn map of the United States (explanation) of "natural" borders centered on major concentrations of population.

In areas where the major concentrations of population are not too divergent from state boundary lines (or where population is not dense at all, as especially in the rural West), it may be most beneficial to simply define chapters on a state-level basis.

The regions of operation of chapters will not be strictly defined, but people may participate in whatever chapter (or chapters) it is convenient or preferable to them to attend the meetings of.

See also: User:Kelly Martin/US regions

Function of the council


The function of the council will be to promote the founding of new chapters, and to maintain a forum for communication among the different chapters.

This might include the organization of community-based nationwide efforts such as the in the example of Wikipedia Loves Art, but on a more regular basis it would also involve joint activities among neighboring chapters in the organization of larger events, and if there is more than one chapter in a state, the coordination of state-level promotional activities.

Local entities


The council should also explore the issue of how organize local chapters or groups in a coordinated or non-coordinated manner:

  1. Shall we establish completely autonomous, local chapters (e.g. Wikimedia NYC, Wikimedia DC, Wikimedia SF)
  2. Shall there be a national entity, with local subchapters or affiliates, that files for group exception with the IRS and loosely ties together affiliates through common purpose? (local units can either be separately incorporated or not)
  3. Shall there be regional entities with local affiliates? (e.g. Wikimedia Northeast US, Wikimedia Midwest US, Wikimedia Rocky Mountain Region...)

Communities showing potential for new chapters

US metropolitan areas with over 2 million people; these may be the most fertile grounds to found chapters—but if your metro only has 1 million, don't be discouraged!

The communities showing the greatest potential for new chapters are those that have successfully organized multiple Wikipedia Meetup events in the past, or have shown the potential to do so.



Regional WikiConferences

Wiki-Conference New York

Discussion of this framework occurred at Wiki-Conference New York 2009 and Wiki-Conference New York 2010.

All chapters-interested folks in the US were invited to attend and represent their region. We were also glad to be joined by some like-minded friends pursuing their own efforts in Canada, as well as by Free Culture groups from across New England, who have their own experience with national and local chapters to share.

West Coast WikiConference

Also, check out West Coast WikiConference as a forum for similar regional discussions.

National multi-events


An annual calendar:



It is also hoped that some of this conversation can take place on the WikimediaUS-l mailing list.

Mailing lists


Local mailing lists include:

After moving to Libera, the best current location for discussion on IRC would be #wikimediaconnect as there are not currently maintained regional channels.

WALRUS committee

Communities represented on WALRUS committee.

The 'Wikimedians Active in Local Regions of the United States' (WALRUS) committee is a preparatory stage of the national Coalition, consisting of a partnership of existing and actively planned chapters (Wikimedia NYC and Wikimedia DC), along with leading Wikimedian activists and meetup organizers in the other regions of the US.

The WALRUS home on English Wikipedia is at WP:WALRUS.

Through this effort, cities across the US celebrated The Great American Wiknic in June 2011 and again in June 2012.

The WikimediaUS-l mailing list is home to the WALRUS committee and related discussions.

Starting in 2012, the mailing list will schedule monthly IRC meetings (generally on the second Wednesday) at #wikimedia-usconnect:

meetings at 9pm Eastern Time, 6pm Pacific Time




Region Group Category Representatives
Northeast (regional contact: NYC)
  US-BOS metro, New England New England Wikipedian Meetup, Wikimedia New England Meetup / Observer User:Emufarmers
  US-NYC metro Wikimedia New York City Official Wikimedia chapter User:Megs, User:Pharos
  US-PHIL metro Wikipedia Meetup Philadelphia Meetup / Observer User:Smallbones
  US-PITT metro Wikipedia Meetup Pittsburgh, Allegheny Wikimedians Meetup / Observer User:Piotrus, User:Chris troutman
West Coast (regional contact: SF)
  US-SF metro, US-OR Wikipedia Meetup San Francisco Meetup / Observer Pete F
  US-LA metro Wikipedia Meetup Los Angeles Meetup / Observer User:Fuzheado
  Cascadia Cascadia Wikimedians Official Wikimedia user group User:Peaceray
  Portland Wikipedia Meetup Portland Meetup / Observer User:Another Believer
  US-SEA metro Wikipedia Meetup Seattle Meetup / Observer User:Peaceray
South (regional contact: DC)
  US-DC metro Wikimedia District of Columbia Official Wikimedia chapter User:Harej, User:Kirill Lokshin
  US-FL WikiProject Florida Observer User:Donald Albury, User:FloNight
  US-FL Florida Librarians of Wikipedia Wikimedia User Group User:Gamaliel
  US-ATL metro Wikipedia Meetup Atlanta Meetup / Observer User:Jenniferjuniper, User:Ganeshk
  US-NC North Carolina Wikipedians User Group Official Wikimedia user group User:Sodapopinski7
 /  US-TX/US-HOU WikiProject Texas/WikiProject Houston Observer User:WhisperToMe
Midwest (regional contact: Midwest)
  US-CHI metro Wikipedia Meetup Chicago Meetup / Observer User:I Jethrobot, User:TonyTheTiger
  US-CO Wikipedia Meetup Colorado Meetup / Observer User:Buaidh, User:Gaurav
  US-DET metro Wikipedia Meetup Detroit / Wikipedia Meetup Ann Arbor Meetup / Observer User:PeRshGo
  US-EVV metro Wikipedia Meetup Evansville Meetup / Observer User:Bob the Wikipedian
  US-MN Wikipedia Meetup Minnesota Meetup User:Jonathunder, User:Innotata
  US-STL metro Wikipedia Meetup St. Louis Meetup / Observer User:Mark Schierbecker
  US-OH Ohio Wikimedians User Group User Group User:SuperHamster

Wikimedia United States Federation, Inc


There was in the past some thought being given to founding a legal entity, a Wikimedia United States Federation, Inc. This would have been a 501c3 nonprofit, whose organizational members would consist of all official Wikimedia chapters in the United States, as well as recognized chapters-in-formation groups that have chosen a board and have achieved a sufficient level of organizational maturity. A decision has been made to shelve such a proposal for now.