July 11 edit

In person meeting at Wikimania, July 11, 1100-1230

July 14 edit

A variety of the wikipedians who attended the informal WALRUS meet-up

In person meeting at Wikimania on July 14, 1800-2000 EST

Partial outcome:

Summary edit

An in person meeting of WALRUS happened on 14 July 2012 at an Italian restaurant in Dupont Circle area of Washington DC. About 30 people attended from the two chapters in the United States (WM-NYC & WM-DC), the proposed New England Chapter and other groupings of Wikimedians around the country (Pittsburgh, California, the Midwest, the South East, and Cascadia). Outside of introductions, all discussion was informal and did not follow a set outline. People wondered how to break up the US into “areas,” “regions,” or “metro areas.” It was suggested to follow the census areas or the areas that the regional ambassadors are tied to. There was discussion of why a Federation of United States Chapters may be needed to clear up voting power at ChapterCom. Some were less than pleased with the idea of a national and regional system with a power structure. They would rather go with a grassroots effort. All agreed that some sort of support system needs to be in place to support educational and GLAM activities. There was some discussion of the Georgetown Agreement/ Foggy Bottom Agreement/ Washington DC Agreement written by Krill. It was not signed to ratified by those in attendance and Kevin offered to write up an alternative agreement.

Agenda edit

  • plan for state and regional groups, national coordination
  • roadmap for covering all parts of the US
  • relax post Wikimania