WALRUS March 2012 IRC Meeting

Where you can help edit

  • If you have any contacts at local or national GLAM (galleries, libraries, archives and museums) institutions or organizations (or if you are such a contact), please let GLAM/US know! w:Wikipedia:GLAM/US/Connect, w:Wikipedia:GLAM/US/Connect#Information_by_State
    • "Well, for those who aren't into GLAM, I think the big picture is that creating relationships with these institutions is a great way to help build your local editor community. They might host meetups, tours, or editathons, which is not only a chance to meet but to bring in newbies and show the outside world that we're serious." -- User:Dominic
  • We now have two great guides to organizing an editathon, which is a key part of WALRUS activity. We should consolidate them into a single, definitive guide at outreach:Editathon which could be helpfully linked on all WALRUS activity pages (and used to reassure nervous, first-time WALRUSes like myself).
  • GLAM/US Action Plan
  1. Have a solid format for the state page that we can point to as inspiration. (Like w:Wikipedia:GLAM/US/Colorado
  2. Fix up the Contribute page with actual ways to contribute to existing GLAM projects
  3. Create an orientation template to be re-used on each state page that includes an action step for both GLAM professionals & Wikipedians. (ex: GLAM's: go to this section for resources & leave a note on the talk page of these places. Wikipedians: Go to this section for ways you can help.)
  4. Reach out to associated WikiProjects. Especially each state, history, and arts-related.
  5. Make sure we link them to the Connect page so they can sign up as online volunteers.
Other to-dos
Let Lori know if you have a GLAM contact or a project you're working on so we can add it to the master list.

Agenda edit

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Attendees edit