I don't check this page often. Please visit my Wikipedia userpage.

I am a sociologist of the Internet, a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, and now a professor in Korea.

I am most active at English Wikipedia - please see my user page there. I registered my account there c. 2004, and as of 20 years later, I am in that project's Top 200 most active editors, with 200k edits and 2k+ articles created, including hundreds featured on the Main Page as Did You Knows and dozens Good and Featured Articles.

I have published many academic papers on Wikipedia (GS) and I am one of the pioneers of teaching with Wikipedia activity at universities (dashboard, WMF blog).

I am an inclusionist.

My favourite part of meta: Research Committee (serious) and How to deal with Poles (fun)

Of historical interest: General User Survey, Wikimedia Research Network

Intriguing: Wikipedia sociology

See /Research