IRC meeting at #wikimedia-usconnect on April 11 at 9pm Eastern Time / 6pm Pacific Time.

Agenda edit

  • Share advertising strategies for in-person meetup
  • Talkpage spam, geonotices, user categories, wikiprojects, etc
  • Plan Meetup at Wikimania
  • (perhaps off topic) In Campus Ambassador program there is currently no system for handling complaints about OAs and CAs. Does anyone want to get involved? See Outreach Wikimedia
  • Wiki Loves Monuments

Meeting edit

Things that came up edit

  • Looking at forming additional chapters in the US
    • New England
      • There is a meeting in a few weeks with interested people and representatives from WM-DC and WM-NYC
    • The Midwestern US/Chicago/Great Plains
    • Pacific North West (Cascadia) - contact user:Bluerasberry to discuss this region
      • Some feelers have been send out between Portland, Vancouver, and Seattle but nothing too formal has happened
  • There was a general agreement among the people in attendance that it makes most sense to organize by region (such as Sunny Southern California!) instead of by state or city.
  • Wiki Loves Monuments USA (WLM USA)
    • At the Berlin meeting, the Europeans asked for there to be contact person
      • There will be a steering committee with a chair
        • Chair: Pharos (he is not entirely sure he agreed to this!)
        • Other members: TBD for Mid-Atlantic, South, Midwest, Cascadia, SoCal etc
    • The central WLM organizers have put together the list and mechanism of monuments/buildings on the NRHS
    • The idea of photo road trips and assigning people monuments was thrown around
    • Partner with WM-Canada?
  • Chapter Council
    • Both NYC and DC have signed intent to join papers
    • Starts at Wikimania in DC this July
  • Great American Wiknic 2.0
    • 7 July (NYC)
    • 23 June (Rest of the Country)
    • There will be a site banner
  • GLAM
    • The need behind the scenes Online Volunteers to do wiki work
    • There are state pages that need to be made
    • The GLAM staffers are making headway
  • Ambassador Program
    • There is a shortage of ambassadors of all stripes (Online, Campus and Regional)
  • The Wikipedia Teahouse, which looks like an awesome way to smooth the path for new editors.
  • outreach:LGBT
  • Wikimedia Affiliates Network
  • Wikipedia Loves Libraries
    • It is returning and will be worldwide
    • Coordination Mailing List
    • We hope the Libraries will sponsor events and clamor for wikipedians to come
  • WALRUS Communications

Attendees edit