North American Wikimedians

North American Wikimedians organize a regular Wikiconference (WCNA) to share the work of Wikimedia projects and groups, connect with potential partners in government and academia, and to generally exchange ideas.

Other regular coordination includes Wikimedia Canada and Wikimedia México programs, and WALRUS calls, for local groups in each of Canada, Mexico, and the US. Expanding the scope of WCNA to a North American Regional Wiki Hub and Lab* (NARWHAL) might help support overall gatherings and smaller efforts throughout the region, including microgrant programs (for small languages; editathons; creative tool awards; thematic pools like WikiCred).

Organizations edit

International + topical affiliates

Regional affiliates


  1. Allegheny Wikimedians
  2. Wikimedia Midwest
  3. Wikimedia Rocky Mountains
  4. Tennessee Wikimedians User Group
  5. Texas Wikimedians (es)

Allies and partners edit

We have had over 42 organizations host Wikimedians in residence, some for 3 years or more. Other organizations maintain widely used technical or social pipelines for the projects, or host regular community events. See also Mapping GLAM-Wiki collabs.

Major partners
GLAM institutions

Universities and Institutes (see also Wiki Edu)

Other (mainly hosting WM in Residence)

  1. Annual Reviews, CA
  2. Consumer Reports, NY
  3. Google (Denny)
  4. Hacks/Hackers (help with partnerships, events, programs)
  5. NIOSH, DC
  6. New York Botanical Gardens, NY
  7. Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute, DC
  8. OCLC, OH
  9. ORCID
  10. TED
  11. OSM USA[1]

Events edit

Recent events: virtual (2022 | 2021 | 2020), in-person (2019 - Cambridge, 2018 - Columbus, 2017 - Montréal) (+note streamlining + normalizing multilingual support)

Projects edit

cross-group efforts not managed by an individual affiliate

Events: support (fiscal sponsorship, partnerships, fundraising)

  • WCNA (particularly when WMF funding was unavailable [2019])

Grants: microgrant programs.

  • Wikicred: microgrants for credibility tools + outreach. Round 1: en/US (2019-21), Round 2: broader (2022-23). Distributing ~$80k in each round.

Communication edit

  • Telegram: WCNA, NARWHAL
  • Facebook: WW?
  • Regular calls: WALRUS (Index)

See also edit

Other discussions or past groups