WikiConference North America/2021

This event was held online, October 8-10, 2021. The conference site was with local Wiknics in New York City and Mexico City.

  • Grant approved: Grants:Conference/WCNA/WikiConference North America 2021. We are finalizing the report.
  • Planners met Monday evenings, starting in late April 2021, focusing on different issues, labeled as separate committees for Program, Logistics, and Communications matters. Separate committees for Friendly Space, Technology and Programming were created.
WikiConference North America 2021
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When and Where
Date8-10 October 2021
Main venues
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Agenda - Planning Meeting #1 - 1 February 2021, 10pm Eastern / 7pm Pacific.
  • WMF grant:
  • timeline, deadline, uses
  • Type of conference:
  • Virtual focus and experiences learned from WikiConference North America/2020?
  • Hybrid (include local events / picnic possibilities)?
  • Integration with Wikimania or Wikipedia Day?
  • Communication:
  • WCNA 2021 Telegram channel
  • Meta page, which is currently "under construction": WikiConference North America/2021
  • WCNA 2020 Survey results.
  • WCNA 2021 Survey?
  • Sort out Planning Meeting #2
  • Other (if there is time)
  • Tech hackathons
  • Multilingualism and translations
  • Social software
Contents of chat

I volunteer WMDC to be the Fiscal Sponsor.

I would support requesting money for some local swag, equipment, picnic food in various locations. I am inclined not to be too afraid but to ask for what we want to try and then they might say no, but so be it.

Possible line item: food/beverage associated with the picnic, e.g. Subway sandwich/chips/drink.

Funding swag, prizes, equipment? Lightning talks

I suggest that the grant writers include all these ideas as separate line items. Grants Department will decide which line items they want to fund and which ones they don’t. Be Bold.

Prior themes: 2020/online; 2019/reliability; 2018/possibility; 2017/amplify; 2016/inclusivity

E scholarship

"The e-scholarship program is a new kind of grant, a living allowance e-scholarship for 1-5 people to stay at their home(s) and work on a project for 2-4 days, relating to the mission of WikiCite. E-scholarship recipients can focus on producing the kinds of projects they might have previously done at an in-person hackathon, unconference, or research trip."

That’s the start of our grant application

Indigenous Peoples day / Columbus Day = Discoverers Day in Hawaii

Tentatively: Oct 8-10 2021

I was looking that Oct 10 we have an editathon

Can we incorporate the editathon into WCNA?

Would you welcome WCNA participants?

I dont know, its about Libraries

Agenda - Planning Meeting #2 - Saturday 6 February 2021, 9pm Eastern / 6pm Pacific
Communications efforts
  • Soft launch of call-for-presenters in English, June 1
  • we can add to this list