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WikiConference North America is a conference and, as of November 2016, Wikimedia user group.

WikiConference North America
Approval dateNovember 7, 2016
FacebookWikiConference North America
RemarksThe next WikiConference North America will be in Boston, MA, US, in November 2019

On the last day of WikiConference North America 2016, the organizing team announced the creation of a permanent group that will plan future WikiConference North America events. The scope of the group is to coordinate the planning and hosting of WikiConference North America in future years. Membership in Wikimedia North America User Group is open to all people interested in supporting the mission of the group. People from WMF affiliate user groups and other active Wikimedians in North America are invited to join. Outreach will occur across North America in order to attract members with diverse interests and skills.

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