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My main user page is on the English Wikipedia. I'm also a board member of a Wikimedia chapter, Wikimedia DC.

WM DC grants edit

Movement Charter edit

  • /Movement Charter Input
  • Historic note: "top-up" members of the drafting committee were those added after elections. The elections phase will fill most slots, then some people will be added, perhaps by the WMF, to achieve diversity, representativity, and perhaps cover some areas of expertise.

WikiConference North America edit

Wikimania edit

Wikimania 2023
  • I met many organizers of affiliates and WMF staff
  • I loved the many views of Singapore. These photos aren't mine but they help me remember:
Wikimania 2019

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Quick links to my identities and task-lists: English Wikisource | WIkidata | Wikimedia Commons | French Wikipedia | German Wikipedia | French wikisource