User:Econterms/summary of Wikimania 2019 for Federal MediaWiki Group

Second report to Feds on Wikimania 2019, Oct 10 2019Edit

News on WikiConference North America 2019

First report to Feds on Wikimania 2019, Sept 2019Edit

Conference was at Stockholm University
  • most of us stayed near the city center
  • lost/stolen smartphone
Themes in big sessions
  • Sustainable conference idea environmentally
  • Reduce harassment / less tolerance of bad behavior / WMF has Trust and Safety team
  • next conference will be in Bangkok, jointly organized across SE Asian orgs

Lua, a programming language on the wikiEdit

Interesting tech stuffEdit

  • idea that redlinks should draw from wikidata; helps small-language wikis
Wikimedia URL shortener
Event queue
Phabricator, for chapters too
Session on possible changes to user interface

Upcoming things, other than Wikimania 2019Edit