User:Econterms/For WikiConference North America 2020

Announced WCNA 2020 to Federal group
WikiConference North America starts tomorrow
  • WikiConference North America/2020 -- Fri Dec 11 to Sun Dec 13, 2020
    • Free, lightning talks, I will speak for this group if Tom can't
    • We have two minutes max. We can say we have monthly meetings and identify Diplopedia, Powerpedia, Nuclepedia, etc.
  • SMWCon
  • There were several gov-related presentations. Notable reports from Vienna, Austria City history wiki
  • I will have to give details next time
  • Report from Wikidata: They will explore "federating" across Wikibases -- that is "distributed" queries.
MediaWiki Stakeholders Group
  • This group is focused on the Mediawiki software
  • It's for developers, consultants, and administrators of MediaWiki sites running in organizations or on the Web somewhere but not on the Foundation sites.
  • They have monthly online meetings
  • They are the main organizers of two annual conferences, the Enterprise and Semantic MW conferences (EMW & SMW)
  • Locations alternate between Europe and North America. this year they worked well online.
  • As of this year the Stakeholders are an official nonprofit organization
  • They plan to support and organize some extension software development
  • They've started the MediaWiki Experts Blog
  • Website:,,
Enterprise Wiki Community of Practice
  • This is a monthly meeting for US government staff running internal MediaWikis, within their government agencies
  • State Dept’s Diplopedia is 14 years old now. That's one of the ways they manage knowledge across embassies where people are moving around all the time.
  • Energy Dept’s Powerpedia's had 10th birthday this year, with a public presentation and awards. A video is on youtube
  • Those are big wikis
  • New Nuclepedia at Nuclear Regulatory Commission
  • NASA has great MediaWiki developers
  • We have monthly meetings and a listserv.
  • If you are a US government staffer you can tune in. You can reach out to Tom and me.
  • I personally there should be a big mediawiki available to all the civil service. We can gain a lot from that kind of interchange. Agencies can learn from one another.
  • Canada does that and the US should do it too.
  • So although we don't have that yet I think there's great potential for growth.
  • That's it for me.
For Wikiworld comments
General wiki movement
  • WMF Board of Trustees membership/process changes
  • Role of Jimmy Wales and representatives of "affiliates"
  • "community" representation contrasted with "professionals"
  • SWAN, WALRUS -- meetings of affiliates
  • possible Global Council and Movement Charter
For report on Enterprise MediaWiki CoP
  • Diplopedia for 14 years; Powerpedia's 10th birthday, new Nuclepedia; note size/activity
  • listserv, MAX pages, monthly meetings