WikiConference North America/2022

This event will be held online, November 11-12, 2022. It'll be joint with OpenStreetMap USA. The conference site is We expect to have local events associated with either or both groups.

WikiConference North America 2022
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When and Where
Date11-12 November 2022
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We communicate and on the OSM slack and on the WCNA Telegram channels -- one for organizers and one for attendees

  • We meet with OSM folks each Wednesday at noon eastern time.

The format is likely to be this: Casual meetup and platform-test Thursday evening, full afternoon of fast presentations on Friday Nov 11, longer more interactive workshops on Saturday, possibly more presentations on Sunday.

The call for presentations is out from OSM and is or will be out soon from WCNA.

We are coordinating their Code of Conduct and our Friendly Space Policy.