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Overview edit

In April 2023, Wikimedia DC was awarded a grant from the Wikimedia Foundation for the purpose of researching the feasibility of creating a North American Hub. A potential hub would consist of Wikimedia's North American affiliates, chapters, and user groups.

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From May to December of 2023, a committee of representatives from North American chapters, affiliates and user groups, with administrative assistance from Wikimedia DC, will work to identify opportunities and barriers to movement participants across the North American continent in order to discuss and recommend service and support measures most useful to the community. A research-based assessment of the issues and challenges will serve as a basis for possibly initiating a North American Hub as an effective support organization for communities, affiliates, and contributors.

Research through virtual means will focus on the opportunities and needs for North American Wikimedians in the U.S., Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean.

Admin team, Wikimedia DC edit

Advisory Committee edit

The project team meets regularly with an Advisory Committee made up of invited representatives from Wikimedia affiliates and event organizers. It expanded over the course of summer 2023 to have about 15 members and is now stable except when someone needs to have a substitute. The Committee members are invited to advise the project team throughout the project and to comment to the WMF Movement Strategy grantors afterward about the project effort.

Advisory committee members

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