Thursday, July 28 at 6 PM Pacific / 9 PM Eastern

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Zoom videoconference information


We will use a meeting tool called Zoom instead of Google Hangouts. The participant cap will be 50 people (: Please sign up for an account on www.zoom.us and then take a look at https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201362033-Getting-Started-on-PC-and-Mac

  • We'll use the Zoom time limit of 40 minutes to encourage ourselves to be efficient with time.
  • Should we record this meeting and make the archive publicly available? Please comment on the talk page.
  • Link for this month's meeting: to be determined
  • Note that Zoom provides a telephone interface and that the Zoom software applications are proprietary; use the telephone interface if you care about your freedom.

Chair & secretary for this month

  • Meeting host for Zoom: Kirill Lokshin
  • Meeting chair: To be determined
  • Meeting secretary for minutes: To be determined



One minute updates

  • "One minute updates" from each chapter and user group. (6:00-6:15)

Old business

  • Web site is live: http://wikiconference.org/
  • Please use Wikiconference as the name, or with North America qualifier - not WikiCon, and not USA
  • Leadership structure
  • Submissions are open, please publicize, let networks know - Deadline August 31
  • GLAM Wiki Museum Crawl Day - October 7, being organized for Friday, with Balboa Park museums. Day-long edit-a-thon across museums.
  • Call for volunteers, especially in SoCal! Pharos
    • Registration and session management
    • Organize outings
    • GLAM interaction/liaisons
    • Indigenous People's Day program help
    • Add more
  • Rosie and Andrew will be doing a site visit next week in San Diego
  • Lessons from other conferences? State of the Map 2016 this month?

New business

  • Your agenda item here

Tabled agenda items


(If there is time at the end of the meeting, anyone can pick up one of these items for discussion)

  • Health & Medicine programs
  • Wiki Loves Earth and other photography competitions
  • Art + Feminism
  • Legal activism and civil liberties
  • Privacy
  • Copyright
  • Freedom of panorama
  • Orphaned works
  • Technical developments
  • QR codes
  • Wikimedia mobile apps and mobile web
  • Wikidata and referencing
  • Government agencies and NGOs with mission alignment (ex. National Archives, state and local governments, history societies, Red Cross, Consumer Reports, UNESCO, NASA)
  • Grants:IdeaLab/Cameras for Commons photographers
  • GLAM-US coordination and/or "GLAM-Wiki Consortium", possibly an intern, contract, or part-time position
  • Collaboration with public broadcasters such as PBS, NPR, and BBC America, and public-interest broadcasters such as C-SPAN

Meeting minutes


Meeting minutes will be placed here.