Doodle poll for meeting scheduling edit

The selected time is Thursday, May 24 at 6 PM Pacific / 9 PM Eastern

Zoom videoconference information edit

We will try a meeting tool called Zoom instead of Google Hangouts. The participant cap will be 50 people (: Please sign up for an account on and then take a look at

  • We'll use the Zoom time limit of 40 minutes to encourage ourselves to be efficient with time. With that goal in mind, here's our tentative agenda.

Chair & secretary for this month edit

Agenda edit

  • "One minute updates" from each chapter and user group. (6:00-6:15)
  • Wiknic 2016 (6:15-6:20) (Pharos)
  • Main page
  • Announcements to mailing lists
  • Geonotices and/or site banners

Tabled agenda items. (If there is time at the end of the meeting, anyone can pick up one of these items for discussion)

  • GLAM-US coordination and/or "GLAM-Wiki Consortium", possibly an intern, contract, or part-time position
  • Government agencies and NGOs with mission alignment (ex. National Archives, state and local governments, history societies, Red Cross, Consumer Reports, UNESCO, NASA)
  • Health & Medicine programs
  • Wiki Loves Earth and other photography competitions
  • Art + Feminism
  • Education programs
  • Legal activism and civil liberties (tabled until a future meeting)
  • Privacy
  • Copyright
  • Freedom of panorama
  • Orphaned works
  • Technical developments
  • QR codes
  • Wikimedia mobile apps and mobile web
  • Wikidata and referencing
  • Deciding on a formal name for ourselves.
  1. WALRUS?
  2. Wikimedia US Alliance?
  3. Wikimedia US Coalition?
  4. Wikimedia US Conference?
  5. Wikimedia US Consortium?
  6. Something else?
  • SurveyMonkey?
  • Requesting the domain from WMF
  • Easy for outsiders to find
  • We can put calendars, meeting notes, and other resources there
  • Level of interaction? "Announce-only" policy to limit the opportunities for harassment and other problems, or more open to encourage discussion?

Meeting minutes edit

Brief checkin -

  1. Mel confirms that WikiConference USA planning is proceeding as imagined in San Diego.
  2. Rachel in Minnesota has been wishing to complete usergroup application to become recognized. ---> details at
    Rachel is also organizing/supporting a Wiki Loves Pride event at Minneapolis Central Library
    If WikiConference USA needs help with online advertising, then Rachel would provide... !
  3. Richard in NYC says that the Enterprise MediaWiki conference happens in New York from May 25-17, so this week
  4. Andrew has been working with the computer history museum in California and announces that in January 2017 there will be a Wikipedia exhibit at the museum
    Andrew is going to some book festival in England from 25 May and will be covering it as a Wikipedian. He mentions that Wikipedians should cover more events
  5. Mary Mark in Philly says that GLAM cafe meetups continue to be celebrated monthly. In October she will be promoting an Ada Lovelace commemoration
  6. Bob Cummings of Mississippi / Wiki Education Foundation is looking forward to WikiConference USA. He is in the process of establishing an academic journal. The journal is interdisciplinary and seeks to critique teaching, learning, and information sharing. It will have a Wikipedia focus.
  7. Rosie Stevenson in Las Vegas is happy about a San Diego conference which is not so far away. Rosie did scholarship review last year and would do the same this year. Rosie is a participant in the Women in Red project, which is expanding wildly with activities and projects.
  8. Lane said that he was in New York and follows the lead of Richard / Pharos. Press passes were mentioned - see this for an NYC precedent -
  9. Sydney in Kentucky develops medical projects and projects for women. Sydney is in the process of organizing a "Wiki Loves Appalachia" and a "Wiki Loves Horses" program
  10. Sue works with Rosie on Women in Red. Sue is in West Texas
  11. Peaceray in Seattle is excited about an upcoming Wiki Loves Earth photohike organized by Pine and jmabel. Another Believer/Jason is getting photos of Portland Pride and Vancouver Pride this June for Wiki Loves Pride
  12. Rob denies having any news. When prompted, he shared that a Wikipedia user group somehow came to be formed around him in Florida.
  13. In Chicago... not sure... (failed to take note)
  14. Checkingfax says that WikiSalons are fun in San Francisco. In a recent one, 80 people RSVP'd, 40 attended, included 10 WMF staffers. A more usual turnout might be 20 people. Booze for the event is funded by participant contributions. The theme at the last event was transgender issues and high schools (each considered independently). Somehow they meet in a place with a kitchen. The restroom is apparently an attraction.
  15. ??? in the Bay Area is excited for the Wiki Salon - a newer Wikipedian checking out the community
  16. Ben Creasy is also involved in the Bay Area Wiki Salon
  • Richard spoke on the issue of the summer Wiknic, which is a summer picnic for Wikipedians. This will be nationally advertised. Anyone with access to a park may participate. Please see for details or to join
  • Mel says that San Diego is the coolest city in the country and a great place to host a conference. She says that negotations with the WMF for funding are progressing at an appropriate pace with no identified barriers to developing. Next step will be a survey for people who would volunteer as a conference organizer, and to secure commitments from that group.
  • Lane presented Wiki Loves Pride as a June event in America in which anyone may participate. It coincides with America's designation of June as LGBT pride month. Rachel asked about making the event more international, and asked if the event could be ongoing in other months for countries which have LGBT events outside of June. Sydney said yes!- do events anytime, and link them to the same event log.
  • Peaceray in Seattle said that the Seattle group is supporting the upcoming Open Street Maps national conference, which will be in Seattle.