WALRUS/December 2012

IRC meeting at #wikimedia-usconnect on December 19 at 9pm Eastern Time / 6pm Pacific Time.

Agenda edit

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  • Wikipedia Loves Libraries review
  • WALRUS communication mechanisms
  • Wikipedia Day January planning
  • Wiki-Conference NY in February
  • Spring multi-events?
  • Annual Wikiconference/Wikipalooza USA? (pan-USA meeting)
  • Wikimedia Cascadia and NE progress
  • education program updates
  • proposal for chapters to coordinate review of off-wiki projects

Attendees edit

Post-meeting edit

Minutes edit

  1. roll call
  2. presentation of Wikimedia Cascadia from user:bluerasberry, user:Pine, and user:Another Believer and list at December 19 archive of SF mailing list
  3. Proposal of annual US Wikimedia conference for US education program, GLAM initiatives, and chapter projects
  4. Reminder of January 15 as Wikipedia Day
  5. Reminder for people to join regional and national mailing lists
  6. User:Dominic introduced the GLAM Boot Camp and requested that people sign up at outreach:GLAM Bootcamp/US
  7. US education program's current proposal is here
  8. user:harej announced the upload of almost all 2012 Wikimania videos to YouTube, here

To-do for January meeting edit

  • Set a date; January 16?
  • Publicize Dominic's GLAM invitation
  • Outline national US Wikimedia conference proposal for 2014