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Below you will find a combination of reports, articles, updates, and resources about Movement Strategy discussions since they were launched in 2017. This material helps guide the process and provides an ongoing point of reference about the Movement Strategy work.

Movadaj Konversacioj 2020

Blog posts


Movement insights

Personal experiences

Strategy meetings

Process insights


Aliaj raportoj

Regular updates

Movement Strategy updates (originally published on Wikimedia-l mailing list):

  • June 2019: Send us your submissions: strategy salon grant applications and the movement strategy space at Wikimania (see the translations)

Conference presentations

Komunumaj Konversacioj

Summaries of community discussions throughout online communities during March-November 2019:

Strategy Salons

Strategy Salons were an opportunity for recognized Wikimedia affiliates to host in-person gatherings to discuss movement strategy. The goal of these events was to allow affiliate leaders to bring together a broad mix of affiliate members who live within their local area to have deeper conversations about one or two strategy themes that are of interest to them.

Filio Salono
Wikimedia Algeria Strategio por Alĝerio
WikiJournal WikiJournal Youth
Wikimedia Bangladesh Strategio por Bangladeŝo
Wikimédiens du Bénin User Group

Report of Salon: CB (in Cotonou)
Report of Salon: CH ( in Parakou)

Wikimedistas de Bolivia Stratetgio por Bolivio (español)

Boliviaj Junuloj (español)

Wikimedians of Cameroon User Group
Black Lunch Table Wikimedians Black Lunch Table Strategy
Wikimedia Community User Group Côte d'Ivoire

First Meet-up: CB (Franca lingvo)
Second Meet-up: R&R, RS & RA (Franca lingvo)
CIV Youth Strategy Salon (Franca lingvo)

Wikimedians of Democratic Republic of Congo User Group Strategio por DRK (Franca lingvo)
East Africa Strategy Summit East Africa Strategy Summit Report
Egypt Wikimedians User Group and Wikimedia España Strategio por Kairo/Granado
ESEAP Strategy Summit ESEAP Strategy Summit Report
Wikimedia Community User Group Georgia Strategio por Kartvelio
Wikimedia Ghana User Group Strategio por Ganao
Open Foundation West Africa OFWA Strategy
Wikimedia Community User Group Guinea Conakry Strategio por Gvineo

Gvineaj Junuloj (Franca lingvo)

Wikimedia Community User Group Hong Kong Strategio por Honkongo
Wikipedia & Education User Group Wikipedia & Education Youth
Wikimedians of the Levant User Group Strategio por Levantenio
GLAM Macedonia User Group GLAM Macedonia

GLAM Macedonia Youth

Wikimedia MA User Group Strategio por Maroko
Maithili Wikimedians Maithili Strategy
Wikimedia New York City Wikimedia New York City
Igbo Wikimedians User Group Igbo Strategy

Igbo Youth

Wikimedia Community User Group Nigeria Vikimedio Niĝerio

Niĝeriaj Junuloj

Wikimedia Polska Strategio por Pollando
Wikimedia Portugal Strategio por Portugalio
Wikimedia South Africa Sud-Afrikaj Junuloj
Wikimedia Taiwan
Wikimedia Community User Group Tanzania Strategio por Tanzanio

Tanzaniaj Junuloj

Wikimedia Community User group Tchad Strategio por Ĉado (Franca lingvo)
Wikimedia Thailand Strategio por Tajlando
Wikimedia Community User Group Uganda Strategio por Ugando
Wikimedia UK Strategio por Britio

Britiaj Junuloj

Wikimedia Venezuela Strategio por Venezuelo (Hispana lingvo)
Wikimédia France Strategio por Liono


Fazo 1

Older materials from Phase 1 of the Movement Strategy (ended in 2017). These reports are referenced in the final product of the Strategy.

Final Phase 1 reports
Final Phase 1 reports
Cycles 0-3
Cycle 0
  • Pre-discussion sources: This page contains links to a variety of discussions that occurred before the kickoff of Cycle 1.
Cycle 1
Cycle 2
  • Synthesis report: This report summarizes the overall insights from the 54 groups that participated in the cycle 2 discussions (May 11 through June 12, 2017). During cycle 2, people discussed 5 main questions per theme. These discussions were synthesized to better understand the prioritization and meaning of each theme.
Cycle 3
  • Synthesis report:  This report summarizes the findings from cycle 3. Five key challenges posed by the New Voices research were presented weekly (July through early August). There were 827 individual summary statements from these discussions from 31 sources (communities and organized groups).
Strategic Direction draft
Strategic Direction draft
New Voices and Final research reports
New Voices report
  • Synthesis report: This report is a summary of all the research from New Voices to bring in those voices “not yet in the conversation” regarding movement strategy.
    • More than 150 conversations on global issues with experts in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, and Latin America. See Conversation notes for all summaries.
    • On-the-ground research in Indonesia and Brazil that provided a deeper look into new ways people are sharing knowledge in these countries.
    • Brand research in seven high-awareness countries to give insight into Wikimedia’s relevance across populations.
    • Subject-specific desk research on political, social, and economic trends that will affect the future of free knowledge to give context on the future world in which we will be operating.
Final research reports
Conversations with experts, partners and users
Conversations with experts, partners and users
Other suggested links and Information about future trends
Other suggested links
Information about future trends