Strategy/2017/Reports/Features and Programs report summary

Summary of product and program recommendations
(from the cycle 1 sources)

This report was written by consultant Suzie Nussel, and it draws on the initial cycle 1 work completed by williamsworks and the strategy team.  

About the report




During the 2017 cycle 1 discussions on the strategic direction, organized groups and community members were asked to answer, “What do we want to build or achieve together over the next 15 years?” These discussions were held in across the globe on 5 continents.

This analysis includes 1,817 summary statements from 86 sources (23 organized groups and 63 communities) from at least 1,400 participants (based on those who reported). Within these statistics, the outputs from the in-person discussions at the 2017 Wikimedia Conference in Berlin are included. Over 350 people from 70 countries attended – representatives of around 90 affiliates, organizations, committees, and other groups.



The primary objectives of this report are to

  • Better understand the specific product and program recommendations offered
  • Help inform the phase 2 strategic planning and prioritization



To better understand how these initial statements map to the final strategic direction, the following steps were taken.

  • Additional coding and analysis
    • Additional analysis and coding of the summary statements was completed with a lens of product or program recommendations based on the strategic direction. While some statements could fit under multiple areas, each was coded to its primary category and subcategory to reduce the complexity of this analysis.
      • Seven categories were developed to align to the strategic direction
      • All 13 themes and 39 related sub-themes (defined during the cycle 1 analysis) were mapped to the seven categories
      • The 39 related sub-themes were replaced with refined subcategories to better match the seven new categories
      • As time allowed, most individual summary statements were reviewed and moved to better match this new schema
      • Previously tagged “features” were organized under the seven strategic direction categories and then into feature types
  • Review of the analysis with the Executive Director and Interim Chief Product Officer
  • Final documentation
    • This report (including Appendix 1, the Features only report)
    • Spreadsheet of revised coding of cycle 1 summaries
    • Output for the product team by the 7 major categories: All summaries by category and subcategory

Summary of findings


The summary statements were aligned to specific parts of the strategic direction. More detail will be given in each section.

Direction (as of 9/25/2017)

Knowledge as a service:


To serve our users, we will evolve our underlying infrastructure to become a platform that serves open knowledge to the world across interfaces and communities. We will build tools for allies and partners to organize and exchange free knowledge beyond Wikimedia. Our infrastructure will enable us and others to collect and use different forms of free, trusted knowledge.

Recommendations for ‘knowledge as a service’

The infrastructure
  • Easy access to content across projects for easy interoperability and sharing
  • Ability to use content from all projects across languages
  • Easy sharing and uploading of content from and to external partners (education, libraries, archives, museums, etc.)
  • Better user experience (UX) so searching, using, and editing knowledge is seamless, even across devices
    • Ability to search and receive parsed content that is age- or reading-level appropriate
    • Better accessibility for those impaired or with disabilities
  • Better integration of technology, including automation of some functions
  • Collaborative technologies for editor communication inside and across projects
  • Improved software updates
  • Safe and secure environment
  • Partnership programs, especially in education
  • More collaboration and contribution across organized groups and communities
  • Official program days across the globe to drive awareness and participation
  • Brand identity and awareness campaigns: Clear articulation of values and “open”
  • Recruitment campaigns
Different forms of “trusted” knowledge
  • Tools and resources to enable “trust”
    • Improve quality, including verifying content and citing sources
    • Increase reliability and credibility
    • Increase neutrality and decrease bias
  • Products/tools for contribution and sharing of rich content (Commons, audio, maps, graphics, etc.)
  • Support systems for knowledge that is “beyond the encyclopedia”
  • Programs and support to improve quality, reliability and credibility, and decrease bias
  • Programs to generate more contributions that extend diversity of knowledge (gender, different cultures, etc.)
  • From cycle 3 discussions:
    • Policies and support for new sister projects that bring in new forms of knowledge that cannot be verified (such as oral histories) and how these are notably distinguished from verified sources
Movement structure to support ‘open’
  • Organizational structure that divides support to best take advantage of central and decentralized resources
  • Governance structure that allows for shared decision-making
  • Funding distribution that balances current needs and future investments (check)
  • Culture of collaboration, innovation, flexibility, and humility
  • Upholding of shared movement values and mission
  • Mutually defined and shared perspective/policies on the definitions and scope open, copyright
Direction (as of 9/25/2017)

Knowledge equity:


As a social movement, we will focus our efforts on the knowledge and communities that have been left out by structures of power and privilege. We will welcome people from every background to build strong and diverse communities. We will break down the social, political, and technical barriers preventing people from accessing and contributing to free knowledge.

Recommendations for ‘knowledge equity’

Strong, diverse communities
  • Tools to create a positive, healthy environment and mitigate member harassment and negative behavior
  • Tools to encourage diversity and inclusion
  • Tools to mitigate unwarranted, automatic deletions
  • Tools to stop vandalism and spam
  • Policies and project resources to help create a positive, rewarding environment and help mitigate conflict, harassment, and negative behavior
  • Recruitment of diverse community members (gender, geographic, etc.)
  • Recruitment of young people (student programs)
  • Recognition programs for contributions
  • Contributor lifecycle management programs (from newcomer to experienced user)
Contributor support
  • Improved user interface design and contributor and editor experience
  • Mobile contribution, editing, and translation tools
    • Simple tools for readers to become micro-contributors / editors
  • Improve collaboration, talk pages, and communication tools among editors
  • Easy-to-use “Help” section and improved documentation
  • Easy tools for uploading rich content (audio, images, video)
  • Onboarding tools, “Recommenders” for content contribution (where gaps are, which articles to edit, etc.)
  • Work effort to simplify rules, policies, and process to streamline contribution
  • Program support and metrics (competitions, etc.)
  • Training and mentoring programs on policies, how-to’s, and best practices
  • Awareness and recruitment programs (especially in schools)
  • Retention and win-back programs
Support for emerging communities
  • See infrastructure - Availability of content across languages, translation tools
  • Programs to drive awareness and recruitment of contributors from emerging communities
  • Partnerships and programs to increase access (online and offline)
  • Programs to support locally relevant knowledge creation
  • Project support that embraces cultural differences and decreases Western-bias in knowledge definition and creation
Reader support
  • Improved interface and experience that considers modern reading features, including voice search, augmented reality, etc.
  • Presentation of content and templates so that articles are written for different audiences (age, reading level, etc.) and different formats (abstracts, etc.)
  • Improved search functions and organizational structure (categories, themes, etc.)
  • Awareness campaigns - especially among young people
  • Partnerships with educational institutions

Recommendations for specific product features

  • See Appendix 1 for the breakdown of the 202 statements marked as “features.”

Appendix 1


Specific feature requests


All of the cycle 1 sources are now categorized by the During the original cycle 1 analysis, 202 summaries were listed as “Features.” These are categorized into the main findings of this report.

Category Total
Infrastructure 82
Contributors 74
Trusted content 33
Readers 7
Strong communities 6
Grand Total 202

In addition, below is a review of these 202 source summaries by more specific feature type.

Editing support/tools - technical improvements or new tools

  • Interface and processes - making it easier, more accessible
  • Citations  - access to reference resources
  • Collaboration
  • Talk pages
  • Templates
  • Tools - monitoring, urgent/non-urgent tasks, scanning, improve visual editor, notifications, easier diff view, translation, new and experienced users, prework space for newbies, flag revisions, flag non-neutral language for review
  • Policies to improve function and administration


  • Easier to search and find content across
  • Interoperability and automation with outside content sources and across projects
  • Uniformation of templates
  • Ongoing support and updating of sources (MediaWiki called out)
  • Better organization of content categories and themes
  • Translation tools
  • Universal interface for all devices
  • Unified login


  • Better software and interface support
  • Easier contributions
  • Mobile apps, dictionary

Reader support

  • Modernized interface and features, based on universal design and across devices
  • Better search and categories
  • More accessibility
  • Ability to tag, personalize, annotate, and share revised content
  • Good eBook creator
  • Eliminate deadlinks

Rich content

  • Improved upload, search, edit, and download of rich content (maps, graphs, images, videos, augmented reality)
  • Current standards and formats, appropriate converters
  • Better functionality of Commons
  • Scanning tools
  • Media still under copyright

Community health

  • Tools to prevent vandalism

Technology suggestions

  • Share list of javascript tools
  • Shared code repository
  • Ban uploads to local projects

Specific product or feature recommendations

  • MediaWiki - improve interface and history pages, diversify layout by user type (newbies, readers, admins), more financial investment
  • WikiQuote - fix guidelines, make each quote its own element, better sharing/social, wikify articles, fund bringing in more quotes
  • WikiSource - easier to contribute, upload, transcribe, proofread texts; more open access work, links to author’s work
  • WikiVoyage - dedicated Foundation support and community liaisons

New project recommendations

  • Wikimed
  • Genealogy project
  • Original research
  • Original artwork

Detailed listing by category and feature type

List defaults to collapsed, due to its length (click to expand or collapse)
Contributor / Community - recognition: French Wikisource:  Display clearly how many times a book was read or downloading in order to value contributors' work. Shev 123

Contributor / Community - recruitment: French Wikipedia:  Attrach new contributors by using banners and CentralNotice for unregistered users. Creative38

Contributor / Community - training: Meta:  Create a learning program that customizes to the user's needs.

Contributor / documentation: English Wikipedia:  Better, easy to find and maintain documentation.

Contributor / editing – auto voting: Arab Wikipedians (Facebook):  Referring to previous comments: Wikimedia Foundation has made enormous technical improvements recently, such as the visual editor and flow. However, we are still looking for more softwares on Arabic language projects, for example, I had like to see the auto voting tool introduced to Arabic Wikipedia.

Contributor / editing - citations: French Wikipedia:  Sitenotice should be used sparingly and, in particular, never continuously for more than a certain time (one month?), Even with different statements. Simon Villeneuve

Contributor / editing - citations: French Wikipedia:  To have a certain tolerance for the benign unpublished works, that is to say a work not sourced, but legal and not polemical.Simon Villeneuve

Contributor / editing - citations: Italian Wikipedia - Strategy page:  Extended and easy tools to search and verify sources should be available to every wikimedian

Contributor / editing - collaboration: French Wikisource:  Have an IRC vidéo channel. Le ciel est par dessus le toit

Contributor / editing - communications: French Wikipedia:  Build Audio and / or video communication tools to pacify exchanges that become conflicting when writing. RP87

Contributor / editing - communications: Wikimedia Argentina:  Community: Improve the internal communication of mailing lists.

Contributor / editing - easy: French Wikisource:  Make the help pages more structured and easy to browse/find Le ciel est par dessus le toit

Contributor / editing - easy: French Wikisource:  Make the wiki syntax as well as the editor more user friendly. Le ciel est par dessus le toit

Contributor / editing - easy: German Wikipedia:  A central page for questions about articles would help for experts, who could answer the questions. For experts it is difficult to watch thousands of article talke pages of articles that have the same subject.

Contributor / editing - easy: German Wikipedia:  For many years there have been many simple proposals for improvement, but nothing happened. For example the usability of categories: there is a simple software solution. Or giving one and the same category a different name in an article (male/female form). Or to merge categories and galleries in Commons. Instead we get a bureaucracy monster such as Wikidata. Wikidata will rearrange Commons in such a way that anybody who's not a bot won't be able to work there any more. We have to make small steps. The big ideas? They were mainly idle chatter and Jimbo's world improvement dilusion already 10 years ago.

Contributor / editing - easy: Italian Wikipedia - Strategy page:  Guides are needed to unify in a fluid way the content of the help pages, which are too many.

Contributor / editing - fixes: Italian Wikipedia - Strategy page:  More attention and resources should be dedicated to answer to request of bug-fixing and improvements (including new features) by users

Contributor / editing - fixes: Italian Wikipedia - Strategy page:  Software should be improved.

Contributor / editing - focus list: Portuguese Wikipedia Village Pump:  Priority lists of articles by themes ("500 most important in Geography")

Contributor / editing - Help: Spanish Wikipedia - strategy page:  Today the pages of help and documentation, the systems of tutoring and support to the users, and the organization of the administrative tasks are neglected. Improvements in these aspects could greatly facilitate the users retention.

Contributor / editing - infrastructure: French Wikipedia:  Enrich wikis using tools/algorithms serving as a bridge between them eg: Wikidata. Jérémy-Günther-Heinz Jähnick, Anthony59999

Contributor / editing - inputs: Japanese Wikidata Facebook messenger:  Want some tools to support to input data, especially for updates (after the first input). E.g. updates when a mayor changed after election. Doing it all by hands is difficult to keep editing. Let alone import tools, automatic update method which works autonomously, like, when given some data structure, with specified items, where somewhere designated, is desired.

Contributor / editing - monitoring: WikiWomen's user group:  We need to develop tools to monitor progress.

Contributor / editing - patrolers: Polska Wikipedia:  The issue or recent changes patrolling and better technical support for tools helping patrolers as crucial part of Wikipedia quality control.[20]

Contributor / editing - policies: French Wikipedia:  Improve the user's perception of sysop or checkusers. Superjuju10

Contributor / editing - policies: French Wiktionary:  Set up procedures for the renewal of sysops mandates. Classiccardinal

Contributor / editing - policies: WikiWomen's user group:  Article naming policy should be revised to acknowledge that women's names in a majority of cultures change over time.

Contributor / editing - policies: WikiWomen's user group:  Deletion rules should be overhauled.

Contributor / editing - private area: Japanese Wikipedia onwiki:  Needs for undisclosed area: Although I understand MediaWiki is not a CMS but a Wiki engine, I hope detailed view and write permissions in MediaWiki core. This is because some editors want to draft an article privately (by him/herself, or by a small group), or to share confidential information (which should not to be public) among admins. Admin email list of jawp is not working as of now, and email list cannot be "editable" and should not work as "forum to summarize information" as 'one poster posts one message'. Creating other Wiki with viewing restriction (such as arbcom wiki) can work as sharing information among special permissions, but cannot be flexible enough.

Contributor / editing - quality: English Wikipedia:  Software should automatically flag edit summaries that use certain words or phrases, so neutral editors can review those edits

Contributor / editing - structure: Hebrew Wikipedia Village Pump:  About Wikipedia, it is worth thinking about adding a permanent part of the article, which will clarify the axioms on which the article is based

Contributor / editing - summary: English Wikipedia:  Figure out a way to strongly encourage editors to write a proper edit summary.

Contributor / editing - talk: French Wikipedia:  Improve the discussion system by making it close to standard collaborative features, less burdensome, without banishing the wikicode to which several contributors are still attached. Tractopelle-jaune

Contributor / editing - talk: German Wikipedia:  Abolish article talk pages! Discussions should take place in portals and projects. Hardly anybody looks at talk pages, some questions remain there for years without being answered.

Contributor / editing - talk: Italian Wikipedia - Strategy page:  Discussions should be more efficient, with tools to highlight more relevant content and to give notifications of more relevant discussions. Village pump could be reworked.

Contributor / editing - talk: Italian Wikipedia - Strategy page:  Solutions are needed for talk pages that are not popular so it takes months to receives an answer.

Contributor / editing - talk: Wikimedia Argentina:  Software: Create a modern user communication system compatible with mobile phones, replacing the old discussion pages.

Contributor / editing - templates: Japanese Wikidata Facebook messenger:  How about preparing input templates and make input easier? It is better that new comer can input data well, without searching properties. Examples: templates for municipalities, shrines, parks.

Contributor / editing - templates: Japanese Wikipedia onwiki:  Templates, modules, MediaWiki interface messages, staging and code review of AbuseFilter: If you try to create a test version or alpha version of templates, modules, or AbuseFilter, on which you write some kind of codes or alike, you must create other pages (or other filters) and set them. But current MediaWiki is an inappropriate platform for such codings, from the viewpoint of licenses or consistency of history. Hopes it able to create branches like git, ideally speaking. I even imagine such codes to be on gerrit/github and make a bot to deploy them. And hope it commentable line-by-line like gerrit/github, from the viewpoint of code review.

Contributor / editing - tools: English Wikipedia:  Develop better and more powerful editor-oriented tools, and distinguish the urgent tasks from the non-urgent tasks.

Contributor / editing - tools: French Wikisource:  Improve the OCR engine for digitizing texts out of scanned documents Consulnico, Shev 123

Contributor / editing - tools: German Wikipedia:  A solid integration of Catscan and Petscan into the search function would help

Contributor / editing - tools: German Wikipedia:  Catscan and Petscan have to be integrated into Wikipedia

Contributor / editing - tools: German Wikipedia:  The assessment project is a waste of time. It seems that tagged and assessed articles are not edited more often after tagging. The time it takes to assess would be better used for editing the articles. Catscan resp. Petscan should be integrated into the search.

Contributor / editing - tools: Hindi Wikipedia - Google Hangouts:  adding new editing tools ,making existing tools easy and improving visual editor this will attract new and inexperienced wikimedians to work on wiki

Contributor / editing - tools: Italian Wikipedia - Strategy page:  Develop online access to online (book and newspaper) libraries, allowing a certain number of access a day instead of a certain number of registered users.

Contributor / editing - tools: Italian Wikipedia - Strategy page:  Monitoring tools should be easier to use.

Contributor / editing - tools: Italian Wikipedia - Strategy page:  There should an automatic tool to notify the major contributors of an article of big change to the article.

Contributor / editing - tools: Italian Wikipedia - Strategy page:  VisualEditor should made life easier for both newsbies and oldbies.

Contributor / editing - tools: Italian Wikisource Village Pump:  Wikimedia projects users should be able to annotate and underline text.

Contributor / editing - tools: Japanese Wikipedia Facebook Messenger:  Daily access stats are hard to find.

Contributor / editing - tools: Japanese Wikipedia Facebook Messenger:  In a diff preview, you see difficult to find where have been changed.

Contributor / editing - tools: Spanish Wikipedia - strategy page:  Technical improvements are needed for all projects: process automation, to improve and expand both the use of Visual Editor and translation tool.

Contributor / editing - tools: Spanish Wikipedia - strategy page:  Technical improvements should be made: better adaptation to infoboxes on the Visual Editor; translation tool compatible with existing articles, and improved search on both Wikipedia and Commons.

Contributor / editing : French Wikipedia:  Encourage and make contributing with IP much easier., Akeron

Contributor / editing: Italian Wikipedia - Strategy page:  Flagged revisions should be less intricate.

Contributor / mobile: Bengali Community - Onwiki:  Since most people in Bangladesh are now using internet through mobile device, we can encourage those mobile based Wikimedia users by awarding a specific user the mobile data pack once per month as a token for their contributions.

Contributor / mobile: Bengali Community - Skype:  We should improve Mobile editing by giving user better software and interface support.

Contributor / mobile: French Wiktionary:  Make contributing via mobile handset easier. Pamputt

Contributor / mobile: Hindi Wikipedia - Google Hangouts:  Feature to easily translate articles on Mobile Phones should be introduced.

Contributor / mobile: Italian Wikipedia - Strategy page:  Mobile editing must be made easier.

Contributor / mobile: Meta:  Focus on mobile applications, improve the app for Wiktionary.

Contributor / mobile: Wikimedia Argentina:  Software: Create a mobile app to edit from the phone.

Contributor / mobile: Wikimedia Cote d'Ivoire discussion:  Improve wikis platforms by facilitating the contribution on mobile, offline, and making editing in wikicode optional

Contributor / new vs existing Q: Polska Wikipedia:  In continuation of discussion (10) it is been again raised the issue of strategic decision if the software development should be focused on new technologies and potential new users or rather on keeping existing community. [13]

Contributor / newbies: Portuguese Wikipedia Village Pump:  Featured articles as barriers to newcomers, should not be priority

Contributor / referencing: French Wikipedia:  Make referencing much easier. Salix

Contributor / rights: Arabic Wikipedia:  One essential problem of Arabic Wikipedia is its user rights system. In English, new users are automatically granted auto-patrolled status upon exceeding 500 edits, while the Arabic version troubles them with way too many restrictions (currently, editor flag can only be granted when a request is manually made by the user then approved by a sysop).

Contributor / specific: French Wikipedia:  Make fully operational syntax highlighting in wiki editors. Tractopelle-jaune, CreativeC38

Contributor / tech: Bengali Community - Onwiki:  English Wikipedia is large and have most of the template for supporting the article. But many language version do not have necessary template to support a huge number of articles. We should encourage those who are experienced in the field to create those technical template for them and encourage local community to translate them in their respective language. Ne editors often feel helpless when it comes to create the template pages.

Contributor / tech: French Wikisource:  Provide a list of all javascripts tools currently available in order to encourage their use. Le ciel est par dessus le toit

Contributor / tech: Wikimedia Ukraine discussion:  Uploads to local projects should be banned

Contributor / tech: Wikimedia Ukraine discussion:  We should find new approaches to developing code together (particularly regarding Wikidata)

Contributor / tutorials: Private survey:  To get manuals/tutorials of all possible topics to help self-learning of the entire population

Infrastructure - Emerging communities / : Wikimedia Indonesia mailing list:  Wikimedia projects as the tools to preserve and promote the diverse cultural heritage

Infrastructure / : Italian Wikisource Village Pump:  (Italian) Wikisource should host more kind of texts, without focusing only on scanned books.

Infrastructure / : Private survey:  Prioritize the Wikicite database

Infrastructure / Commons: Italian Wikipedia - Strategy page:  Categorization on Commons is not adequate and should be improved.

Infrastructure / digitize: Ukranian Wikipedia:  The most important is to digitise the world, Ukraine and the Universe.

Infrastructure / infrastructure: English sister projects:  It should be easier to find and use content from projects like WikiSource in other projects.

Infrastructure / infrastructure: English sister projects:  Wikisource should be able to "interoperate with other library and archival systems"

Infrastructure / infrastructure: French Wikipedia:  Consider an interwiki search engine doing in view of both promoting wiki projects and reducing our dependency on Google. CreativeC38

Infrastructure / infrastructure: French Wikipedia:  Improve the connection between Wikidata and other wikis by correcting the many current dysfunctions. Tractopelle-jaune

Infrastructure / infrastructure: French Wikisource:  Make the interwiki connection more automatic. eg: "writers" pages could unique and shared between wikisource and wikipedia. Acélan, Zyephyrus

Infrastructure / infrastructure: French Wikisource:  Provide an intuitive way to create or update a wikidata item when creating a writer page or book page on Wikisource. Le ciel est par dessus le toit

Infrastructure / infrastructure: Hebrew Wikipedia Village Pump:  It was worth rethinking about the division between the wiki-projects, and how to present different types of content together. other approaches, which require technical and design changes, may improve access to the different content types and enable better integration between the projects. (Eg: through a direct link from wikipedia article to another relevant page on another project).

Infrastructure / infrastructure: Hindi - WhatsApp:  Hindi Wikipedia should be so developed that Wikipedians from other languages should come to see Hindi Wikipedia and not the other way around.

Infrastructure / infrastructure: Italian Wikipedia - Strategy page:  Template could be hosted by a multilangual project like Wikidata and be directly usable by the various sites.

Infrastructure / infrastructure: Italian Wikipedia - Strategy page:  Tools to integrate more closely OpenStreetMap and other public resources in all Wikimedia projects

Infrastructure / infrastructure: Italian Wikipedia - Strategy page:  Uniformation of templates between projects would make it easier to translate.

Infrastructure / infrastructure: Japanese Wikidata Facebook messenger:  Associating Wikipedia articles and Wikidata items can be done 1 by 1 currently. Hope it to be associated to a part of an article because dividing Wikipedia articles is very hard.

Infrastructure / infrastructure: Latvian Wikipedia:  Wikidata integration with Wikipedias should be accelerated.

Infrastructure / infrastructure: Meta:  Projects that benefit from Wikidata (Wikisource, Wikipedia) should be connected better.

Infrastructure / infrastructure: Polska Wikipedia:  We should apply more wikidata based enhancements for editors - move source's references and all simple facts to wikidata and then use them to simplify editing, that might completely change the editing process to the level that some mobile editing is also possible. [50]

Infrastructure / infrastructure: Polska Wikipedia:  Wikisource is potentially great project, but it is affected by MediaWiki updates made mainly for Wikipedia and causing many problems in Wikisource. MediaWiki seems to be not very well supported by MediaWiki - so maybe the software could do the job? [27]

Infrastructure / infrastructure: Private survey:  Open data projects should co-exist alongside Wikidata and open software projects should continue to make their mark outside of the Wikimedia umbrella.

Infrastructure / infrastructure: Private survey:  Organize the whole set of projects, with well-organized themes

Infrastructure / infrastructure: Private survey:  Use AI in Wikidata and make it cope with basic natural language searches.

Infrastructure / infrastructure: Russian Wikipedia RfC:  Develop Wikidata into effective uncontroversial tool which is integrated with the other projects.

Infrastructure / infrastructure: Russian Wikivoyage:  Wikimedia Commons and Wikidata should provide efficient service to other Wikimedia projects. Interaction with Wikidata crucially depends on the interface improvement. In contrast, the main problem with Commons is its community, which fails to acknowledge the existence of other Wikimedia projects and their inextricable connection to Commons. Both projects suffer from the low number of active users vs. vast amount of content that needs to be managed efficiently. We also envision that a third project of this type, a crowd-sourced map server, should appear, possibly by merging with OpenStreetMap. ru-wv community - 12 users

Infrastructure / infrastructure: Swiss Community:  Wikidata could be a great project, but the quality and maintenance of data is not good, lots of data there is obsolete or unsourced and access to the contents of Wikidata is almost impossible if you're not a programmer.

Infrastructure / infrastructure: Wikimedia Israel discussion:  There is a need to increase cooperation between languages. Maybe create a translation project to locate required domains that allows translation by language

Infrastructure / interoperability: Arabic Wikipedia:  Wikimedia projects should allow users to make a unified login through all their devices. Just like you could be logged in on your google account from both your phone and PC at the same time, same should be possible for Wikipedia.

Infrastructure / interoperability: Wikimedians of Korea:  By 2030 Wikimedia provides a universal interface for all of devices, and provide convenient, easy, and fast tools without limit of functions

Infrastructure / mobile: Arab Wikipedians (Facebook):  Referring to comment 1: How can we particularly improve technically? I believe that a major problem could be the excessive difficulty of using wiki plugins for non-programmers.

Infrastructure / multilingual: French Wikipedia:  Make the Wikipedia more independent from one another, especially regarding the English-speaking Wikipedia. On commons for example, put an end to the use of English classification of the images and illustrations., Pline, Lomita

Infrastructure / partnerships: Hebrew Wikipedia Village Pump:  We should invest most of the resources: both in the technological infrastructure, in backups and in recruitment projects, and in contacts with the authorities (such as the IDF) in order to obtain donations of free content

Infrastructure / release: French Wikipedia:  Ensure that the new functionalities are fully operational before deploying otherwise they will face a violent rejection by the communities. Tractopelle-jaune

Infrastructure / software updates: French Wikipedia:  Fix existing features as a priority before further improvement. Tractopelle-jaune

Infrastructure / specific - Mediawiki: Arabic Wikipedia:  Mediawiki should be developed to support tabs and smartphones better. We also must rethink the current tools of inserting content on Wikiprojects, since they seem pretty primitive. Another issue is that Toolslab seems to have a ton of extremely useful softwares, but no one really uses them.

Infrastructure / specific - Mediawiki: Japanese Wikipedia onwiki:  Improving fork and merge: MediaWiki is indeed great to record everything in History, to edit a page by multiple users, however, it easily gets entangled in History once a number of users started to edit across (more than one) pages. I understand it is inevitable as it records whole content every time, especially with copyright and license matters, but current MediaWiki design seems to come to a dead end. Hopes page history to be able to fork on MediaWiki interface, hopefully by a revision (patch).

Infrastructure / specific - Mediawiki: Meta:  Wikimedia Foundation should sign enterprise support contracts to earn money for a serious MediaWiki refresh.

Infrastructure / specific - Mediawiki: Polska Wikipedia:  MediaWiki layout should be diversified depending on the type and role of user, so the permanent links on interface are different for readers, newbies and admins [3].

Infrastructure / specific - offline: Vietnamese Wikipedia community talk:  Wikipedia offline app is a good idea, though the download file is too big.

Infrastructure / specific - open hardware: Wikimedia Argentina:  Software: Create a specific project to promote open hardware, where further progress can be made in the implementation of concrete community projects.[1]

Infrastructure / specific - query service: Japanese Wikidata Facebook messenger:  Current Query Service is an excellent tool, however, it is useful just as one-time visualization. Preparing more specific output template (along with 8) is required, to embed on blogs (as direct output of information), or to output PDFs. It will increase user base if we can provide tools to fulfill specific purposes/needs, not just a one-time tool.

Infrastructure / specific - Wikidata: French Wikisource:  Increase wikidata features regarding authors, editions, and translations of artworks Consulnico

Infrastructure / specific - Wikidata: Japanese Wikidata Twitter:  Almost no or few applications of Wikidata are available. Current applications could be done with simpler way (e.g. DBPedia or OSM).

Infrastructure / specific - wikiproject tools: Italian Wikipedia - Strategy page:  Wikiprojects should have more tools, such as shared watchlist working better than Related changes.

Infrastructure / specific - Wikiquote: Italian Wikiquote:  All Wikiquote articles should be wikified.

Infrastructure / specific - Wikiquote: Italian Wikiquote:  Every quote should be a single element, without having to be repetead in different pages (e.g.: author and topic)

Infrastructure / specific - Wikiquote: Italian Wikiquote:  Funds should be granted to digitized some public domain dictionary of quotations and automatically upload the content on Wikiquote.

Infrastructure / specific - Wikiquote: Italian Wikiquote:  It should be easy to share quotes.

Infrastructure / specific - Wikiquote: Italian Wikiquote:  MediaWiki should adapted for Wikiquote, or Wikiquote should use a different platform.

Infrastructure / specific - Wikiquote: Italian Wikiquote:  Wikiquote guidelines should be fixed.

Infrastructure / specific - Wikiquote: Italian Wikiquote:  Wikiquote guidelines should be improved by the community.

Infrastructure / specific - Wikiquote: Italian Wikiquote:  Wikiquote should be more social (e.g. having a Facebook and Twitter page)

Infrastructure / specific - Wikiquote: Italian Wikiquote:  Wikiquote should cooperate with IMDb on film quotes.

Infrastructure / specific - Wikisource: Italian Wikisource Village Pump:  An improvement to Wikisource software would improve productivity and serenity, and would bring more volunteers.

Infrastructure / specific - Wikisource: Italian Wikisource Village Pump:  It should be easier to build services on Wikisource texts (e.g. mass export, text mining, etc.)

Infrastructure / specific - Wikisource: Italian Wikisource Village Pump:  It should be easier to contribute to Wikisource, uploading, transcribing and proofreading texts.

Infrastructure / specific - Wikisource: Italian Wikisource Village Pump:  It should be possible to quote a passage from a text on Wikisource univocally.

Infrastructure / specific - Wikisource: Italian Wikisource Village Pump:  Texts published on Italian Wikisource contains link to author and works cited. Other Wikisource should do the same.

Infrastructure / specific - Wikisource: Italian Wikisource Village Pump:  Texts should have coordinates allowing identification of different parts.

Infrastructure / specific - Wikisource: Italian Wikisource Village Pump:  Wikisource need better software and technology to improve the experience of readers and editors.

Infrastructure / specific - Wikisource: Italian Wikisource Village Pump:  Wikisource should be simpler and text editor should be improved.

Infrastructure / specific - Wikisource: Italian Wikisource Village Pump:  Wikisource should host more Creative Commons licensed work (not it is more focused on public domain ones). E.g. open access articles.

Infrastructure / specific - Wikisource: Wikisource mailing list:  What Wikisource do and can do is to make texts more accessible, linking them with authors, other texts, maybe in the future even other Wikipedia articles, or places on OpenStreetMap. We can make the entire written literature a place like Wikipedia: an interwoven, intertwingled structure of texts and data and links.

Infrastructure / specific - Wikisource: Wikisource mailing list:  Wikisource mission statement is already a strategic vision for our projects.

Infrastructure / specific app: Arabic Wikipedia:  Most dictionary apps on phones use databases that are practically identical to Wiktionary's, but most people would not use Wiktionary only because it has such a complicated interface and a poor mobile support. If apps do not meet the users desires, people will simply go for substitute options.

Infrastructure / specific: English sister projects:  The process of getting things into and out of resource projects like WikiSource should be easier.

Infrastructure / specific: English Wikipedia:  A third "shared" project should be created alongside Wikidata and Commons, to handle maps

Infrastructure / specific: English Wikipedia:  Fix Wikidata issues that are hindering its utility, so that it can benefit everyone more easily

Infrastructure / specific: English Wikipedia:  WMF should invest in overhauling MediaWiki before it becomes outdated. Enterprise support contracts, to enable surplus funds that can be used on high-priority features (community tech initiatives, GLAM outreach, anti-abuse tools and terms of use enforcement)

Infrastructure / specific: Japanese Wikipedia Slack Talk:  Hopes it feature AMP (from an engineer).

Infrastructure / tech: Latvian Wikipedia:  Shared code repository for projects, Wikidata, etc.

Infrastructure / tech: Hindi - WhatsApp:  Mini TTT and MWT is required for different-different locations.

Infrastructure / translation: Basque Wikipedia:  Content translation will be a major point in the next decades. Wikidata will help easy access to millions of items in any language.

Infrastructure / translation: French Wikipedia:  Display CentralNotice banners automatically when pages on Meta-Wiki stay outdated for too long. Creative38

Infrastructure / translation: French Wikipedia:  Keep on facilitating translations by improving the translation tool. HenriDavel

Infrastructure / translation: Hebrew Wikipedia Village Pump:  The most important thing that Wikipedia should do is to invest in the translation capabilities of articles from language to language. We need to focus on the technical solutions that allow this.

Infrastructure / translation: Hindi Wikipedia - Google Hangouts:  Content translation should be improved. Sometimes it takes more time to fix the article instead of writing it from scratch.

Infrastructure / translation: Polska Wikipedia:  Multilanguage content is a big asset for Wikimedia projects, but there is no good support for switching editors from one language to another in WIkipedia and no support for translations. [1]

Infrastructure / translation: Wikimedia Foundation staff:  It is easy and fun to translate articles.

Infrastructure / updates: Bengali Community - Onwiki:  Updating statistics on country and sport related articles is huge pain especially for small community where number of regular contributors are rather small. We emphasis on developing Wikidata (such as structured data) in this regard so that if someone update the data link, it can automatically update every language version.

Infrastructure / updates: Swiss Community:  Update, update, update! :-)

reader / reading: French Wikipedia:  Consider modern reading features: augmented reality, voice search, etc. Jérémy-Günther-Heinz Jähnick

reader / reading: French Wikipedia:  Improve accessibility for the visually impaired and other persons with disabilities by conducting studies on their use of wikis. Tractopelle-jaune

reader / reading: Italian Wikipedia - Strategy page:  Categories should be easier to surf into categories.

reader / reading: Italian Wikipedia - Strategy page:  Develop good tools to create ebook with projects content.

reader / reading: Italian Wikipedia - Strategy page:  We need a powerful search engine to search inside projects.

reader / reading: Polska Wikipedia:  There should be our own solutuion for dead-links problems - such as own archive system. [38]

reader / reading: Wikisource mailing list:  We have yet to tap the idea of letting people comment, customize and personalize our content for studying and learning, annotating, sharing and creating educational material directly on our websites.

Strong community / vandalism: German Wikipedia:  These warnings are not even exaggerated, but I would like to point out to the most important: lots of articles in the humanities have been hijacked by lobbyists and are owned by fanatics since 2002.

Strong community / vandalism: Italian Wikipedia - Strategy page:  Better counter-vandalism tools (e.g. AbuseFilter) are needed, so that users have to spend less time in patrolling and more time in writing content.

Strong community / vandalism: Italian Wikipedia - Strategy page:  High-level algorithm could be developed with external partnership to better fight spam.

Strong community / vandalism: Italian Wikiversity:  Spread vandal fighting across all the projects, creating more advanced tools and engaging more users.

Strong community / vandalism: Vietnamese Wikipedia community talk:  The more contributions, the more advertisements. Hopefully the admins will be more strict on these articles.

Strong community / vandalism: Vietnamese Wikipedia community talk:  The more contributions, the more vandalism. Hopefully there will be some technical solution for that.

Trusted content / : English sister projects:  Standardization of citations to allow better reuse and attachment to page-content

Trusted content / : Berlin Strategy Group:  I am against this question robot that someone once wanted. Wikipedia is more than just answers, it leads to knowledge.

Trusted content / : French Wikipedia:  Produce our own illustrations under creative commons licenses using drone shots. Jérémy-Günther-Heinz Jähnick

Trusted content / Commons: French Wikiversity:  Improve the embedding feature of videos on Wikiversity because Commons does not accept the most common video formats unlike YouTube. Lydie Noria

Trusted content / Commons: Italian Wikipedia - Strategy page:  Commons needs a system to help people to find the correct licensing for images they upload, instead of descouraging upload and creating the conditions for deletions.

Trusted content / Commons: Italian Wikipedia - Strategy page:  Commons needs and image editor supporting cropping, vectorialization of simple images and merging of two or more images.

Trusted content / Commons: Latvian Wikipedia:  Some files are kept locally, because these are deleted from Commons due to lack of FoP, This causes confusion.

Trusted content / Commons: Malayalam Wikimedia Community:  Simple-to-use applications to upload pictures from mobile phones to Wikimedia Commons. Data-efficient and simple tools for mobile platforms to translate and transliterate from English to various languages.

Trusted content / Commons: Polska Wikipedia:  Better use of Commons as general repository of media, not only for Wikipedia; 3D models in native formats, films, etc.[6]

Trusted content / Commons: Wikimedia Commons:  Make Commons an easy and attractive environemnet to edit, more based on WYSIWYG editing, withouth language bariers.

Trusted content / content: Berlin Strategy Group:  already today we make essential contributions to news coverage (text as well as pictures), but we only have limited possibilities

Trusted content / new projects: Meta:  Open a genealogy project.

Trusted content / new projects: Meta:  Open a project where artists could collaborate together on creating works of art.

Trusted content / new projects: Meta:  Open an encyclopedia where original research (democratized, open R&D) would be allowed.

Trusted content / new projects: Meta:  Open Wikimed, a new project that would gather information about medical products.

Trusted content / notability criteria: Spanish Wikipedia - strategy page:  We should set a basic movement-wide notability criteria for our projects, to avoid notability conflicts between local and multilingual wikis (i.e. Wikidata, Commons).

Trusted content / rich content: Commons in-person discussion:  More than just a picture, movies 3D etc. need to be in practical scope, catch up with the internet standard

Trusted content / rich content: English Wikipedia:  Handle rich content, such as maps, graphs, and other interactive features

Trusted content / rich content: French Wikipedia:  Make the image search more intuitive using Query by Example, or Content Based Image Retrieval approaches to provide contributors with tailored images. Speculos

Trusted content / rich content: French Wikisource:  Build an online tool for editing illustrations. Le ciel est par dessus le toit

Trusted content / rich content: Greek Wikipedia:  Wikimedia should create sister projects with software for creating online non-textual content.

Trusted content / rich content: Greek Wikipedia:  Wikimedia should use more rich content, such as maps, graphs, videos, augmented reality, and other interactive features

Trusted content / rich content: Hebrew Wikipedia Village Pump:  Create the ability to place a location-based request to Wikipedia's registered users to expand information or take photos of sites / places nearby

Trusted content / rich content: Hebrew Wikipedia Village Pump:  We need to adopt innovative scanning technologies that enable sharing and uploading of free knowledge quickly and simply

Trusted content / rich content: Italian Wikipedia - Strategy page:  Sofwtare (e.g. media upload) is old and should be updated.

Trusted content / rich content: Japanese Wikidata Facebook messenger:  Want images to be linked other than Wikimedia. Images on Mapillary are licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0. Location files should be registered or be linkable (e.g. geojson, shp, kml, or gpx).

Trusted content / rich content: Latvian Wikipedia:  More rich structured content, maps, integration using Wikdata with new data types

Trusted content / rich content: Latvian Wikipedia:  We should work with media still under copyright, create a structured archive for them.

Trusted content / rich content: Meta:  Improve our ability to handle rich content: maps, graphing tools, etc.

Trusted content / rich content: Meta:  Tools that allow to create graphs and charts should be developed.

Trusted content / spam issues: English Wikipedia:  Spam and paid-advocacy concerns are growing, as the power and networks of spammers grows. Invest in methods to help prevent this problem before it balloons.

Trusted content / specific: English Wikipedia:  Make the stub system more connected to the regular encyclopedia use.

Trusted content / specific: English Wikipedia:  Use blockchain for Edit history of articles for author rights management.